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Must-have Nutritional Needs For Girls during Puberty

Pubertal years can be very difficult, especially if you are a female. Loss of blood, development in body parts and hormonal changes make it very necessary for a female to eat a proper diet during such a time. Here is some important information.

Exercise & Fitness By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 13, 2015

Tackling Adolescence

Adolescence can be one of the most difficult phases in a person’s life. The change in hormones which leads to physical changes can be puzzling for children who have just entered puberty. Girls have a slightly tougher time than boys. Besides developing pubic hair and breasts, they have menstrual cycle which makes it too much to handle at once. During this difficult phase of life, proper nutrition plays a crucial role for women. To avoid severe weakness in the later stages of life, healthy eating during adolescence is of utmost importance for women. Following are essential nutrients which must find a place in a girl’s diet during puberty.

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During the menstrual cycles, girls experience a lot of blood loss. Therefore, it is important that they eat foods that are rich in iron. Foods like spinach and meat can prevent anemia.

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Calcium is one of the most important foods needed during puberty as it strengthens the bones. Include foods like milk and cheese in the diet to avoid bone-related problems in later life.

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Protein formation and gene expression are two of the most important functions performed by this nutrient. Foods like red meat and whole grains are filled with zinc.

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This extremely important nutrient strengthens and promotes muscle growth. Foods like eggs which are loaded with zinc are highly recommended during puberty.

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Carbohydrates are our body’s primary requirement because it is a major source of energy. Your diet to fight puberty will remain incomplete if you do not include carbohydrate-rich foods like legumes and grains in it.

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Foods with essential fatty acids like milk, beef or cheese are needed for growth and development in girls during puberty.

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Vitamin A

This vitamin strengthens the uterus during a female’s puberty years which makes it an essential nutrient. Some foods rich in vitamin A are tomatoes, green vegetables, carrots and milk.

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