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Mishri or rock sugar : more than just a mouth freshener

Mishri also known as rock sugar is the crystal form of sugar. It is not only better than table sugar in terms of quality and taste but it can also provide a number of health benefits.

Home Remedies By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Aug 30, 2015

Relieves cough

When the weather changes, kids are more likely to catch a cold and cough. Although cough syrups available over the counter are widely preferred options to combat cough, however you can use mishri or rock sugar to get instant relief. Rock sugar contains certain essential nutrients that aid in clearing cough and exerts a soothing effect on the oral cavity.

A mouth freshener

Combination of mishri and fennel is quite popular as a mouth freshener in the Indian subcontinent. It not only provides instant freshness to the mouth but it also helps prevent build up of bacteria in the mouth therefore reducing the risk of bad breath. Image Source: www.saharasamay.com

Culinary benefits

As mishri is unrefined form of sugar, it is known to be healthy as compared to normal table sugar. This is a reason for using mishri in various sweet preparations, right from confectioneries including lollipops, chocolates, panna and other sweet drinks.

Effective against sore throat

Is your child suffering from runny nose or sore throat? All you need to do is prepare a glass of mishri water and give it to your child. It not only acts as a natural remedy to relieve common cold and its symptoms, but also provides quick relief. You can also make your child suck a small piece of rock sugar to relieve sore throat.

As an additive

Mishri is also used as an additive in several recipes or preparations and each form has some sort of health benefit associated with it. Mishri when used with ladyfinger roots improves libido. A combination of mishri and neem leaves reduces stomach pain and relieves from diarrhea. Mishri taken with mango seeds helps improve appetite. Image Source: Getty


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