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Men's personal grooming: DIY quick fixes

Embarrassing body odour? Flaking scalp? Razor burns? Whatever your grooming issues are, here are the DIY fixes for all of them.

Fashion & Beauty By Himanshu SharmaApr 11, 2014

Men’s grooming DIY fixes

Whether it’s a special event where you have to look polished, a cover-up for something gone wrong or just have grooming issues generally, here are fast and effective fixes for them.

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No shaving cream

If you are out of shaving cream but have to shave, you can use a facial soap, conditioner or lotion instead. Take a shower to soften the facial hair so that the razor can easily glide over the skin.


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Razor burn

Using a blunt blade, dry shaving or shaving too fast can cause red patches on your skin. You can treat these razor burns easily with products that contain green tea, wheat germ or aloe vera.


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Furry teeth

Forgot to brush your teeth? Munch on an apple when you have furry teeth. The fruit will act like a toothbrush. You can also dip lime in salt and rub it across your teeth.


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Smelly feet

Sprinkle  baking soda on your shoes (between outings) to get rid of the pungent odour. When you are about to put the shoes on, you clean the powder out. You can also use orange peels in the same manner as baking soda to remove bacterial odour.


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You have an interview the next day and are in constant worry that your black suit will reveal a shoulder full of dandruff. Drop your worry. Apply apple cider vinegar to exfoliate the scalp and get rid of dryness and flakiness.


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DIY nail care

Having clean nails is as important as other grooming aspects. Cut nails using a fingernail clipper to the ideal length, always straight across. To make nails soft, massage hands with cocoa butter lotion or soak them in warm water for 10 minutes.


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Bad breath

To get rid of bad breath, you just need a sugar-free gum. It helps in saliva production and flushes bacteria away. Moreover, breathe through your nose as it helps to prevent your saliva from drying out.


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Body odour

If you have bad body odour, you don’t need to spray on more deodorant. You can remove odour-causing bacteria by rubbing a few drops of alcohol on your armpits; help close the pores and reduce odour.


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Puffy eyes

Woke up with puffy eyes? You don’t need extensivebeauty treatments. Just keep need two spoons that have been kept in the refrigerator for five minutes to place them over your eyes and relax them. Keep them for a minute and then tap around your eye socket with your fingertips. This stimulates drainage of toxins.


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