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Men’s Habits that Threaten their Vital Organs

Take a look at some typical habits of men which aren’t doing their health any good. In fact, men endanger their vital organs through these ways.

Men's Health By Ariba Khaliq / Jun 04, 2014

Habits that are not Meant to Be

Breaking news: Men are just not careless about their things and relationships but also about their bodies. They unintentionally end up hurting their health on a daily basis; all thanks to their callous habits. There are certain habits that are typical to men and don’t do their bodies any good. Men need to quit them today should they want to save their vital organs. Remember, it is never too late to quit something harmful. So men, reverse the following habits and save your organs the horror of failing at their functions. Image Courtesy: Getty



Of course you have heard that every cigarette that you smoke robs off six minutes of your life; the six minutes that you could have spent with your parents, wife, children, friends, gaming console, television and so many more dear things. A single cigarette can cause blood clots, preventing swift blood flow and causing plaque build-up in your arteries and blood vessels. Image Courtesy: Getty


Binge Drinking

You could blame binge drinking for causing so many deaths and hospitalisations all over the world. It causes liver troubles, weight gain, dizziness, and fatigue. Can you even imagine how many organs in your body you are putting at the risk of damage with every episode of binge drinking? Image Courtesy: Getty


Being a Night Owl

Whatever be your excuse, without 7-8 hours of good sleep, men damage their immune system and other bodily processes. Insufficient sleep makes the immune system weak, which in turn produces fewer germ fighters and the body is hence, exposed to contracting infections and disease-causing bugs. Image Courtesy: Getty


Wearing Headphones for Long

Do you ever consider the warning on your Smartphone that says, “Listening to music above this volume can be harmful?” Of course, you don’t. Plugging in headphones continually for long hours can make you deaf- as simple as that. So, keep the volume within its scientifically imposed limits because that is the real culprit. Image Courtesy: Getty


Watching Too Much TV

Men may sit for hours glued to the idiot box watching their favourite match, thereby putting their eyes and heart at risk. Too much TV can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and obesity. Not enough? Your immobility affects the fat and sugar levels besides straining your eyes and causing damage to the refractive lens. Image Courtesy: Getty


Living on Medicines

Men have to juggle endless meetings, sales calls, marketing conferences and wife’s shopping tours,, which can give them an agonising headache, but regularly popping a pill to manage it can put their health at stake. Medicines may cause severe side–effects and can be especially harmful for the kidney. Image Courtesy: Getty


Skipping Breakfast

Just because men are just five minutes late to leave for office and the traffic can be maddening, they tend to often skip the most important meal of the day- breakfast. No wonder their digestive system is off. Skipping breakfast harms your energy reserve and negatively affects your metabolism. Image Courtesy: Getty


Eating Fast

Men are often seen taking big bites and not chewing their food properly. Moreover, they have the urgency to get the food off their plate. Every meal that you eat should be finished in no less than 20 minutes. Gulping your half-chewed food can cause acidity, bloating, and formation of excessive gas in your stomach. Image Courtesy: Getty


Driving Long Distances

Driving for many miles without taking a break gets blood pooled in the legs that can lead to clotting. Stop the car after every 100-150 miles and walk around to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. You must do the same when you are flying long distances. Not walk around inside the plan, but get up and go to the bathroom. Image Courtesy: Getty


Squatting Over the Toilet Seat

Squatting over toilet seat causes an increased risk of urinary tract infections by causing pelvic muscles to contract and tighten around the urethra. This prevents the bladder from emptying fully. Relax your pelvic muscles to optimize urine flow and flush out bacteria. Image Courtesy: Getty


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