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10 Cancer Symptoms Most People Ignore

You could benefit greatly by being alert to certain cancer symptoms that indicate a trip to the doctor's office sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, these symptoms are ignored by many.

Cancer By Ariba Khaliq / Apr 29, 2014

Persistent Pain

The American Cancer Society recommends that you get checked out by your physician if you are experiencing a pain that persists. A careful history, and more details could give your doctor necessary signs to decide whether further testing is required.

Change in Breast Volume

As most men, you may never have considered the possibility of having breast cancer. However uncommon, it is possible. Any new mass in the breast area of a man needs to be checked out by a physician.


Prolonged Fever

Most cancers will cause fever at some point. Often, fever occurs after the cancer has spread from its original site and invaded another part of the body. But it can also be caused by blood cancers such as lymphoma or leukaemia, according to the American Cancer Society.


Unexplained Weight Loss

If a man loses more than 10% of his body weight in a short time period such as a matter of weeks without actively trying to reduce weight, it's time to see the doctor.



Experts have found a link between depression and pancreatic cancer. Other symptoms of pancreas cancer may include jaundice, a change in stool colour, often gray, a darkening of the urine. Itching over the whole body may also occur.



If you often feel extremely tired and you don’t get better with rest, check with your doctor. The doctor should evaluate the fatigue along with any other symptoms in order to determine its cause and the proper treatment.


Unrelenting Cough

A very prolonged cough, defined as lasting more than three or four weeks, or a change in a cough should not be ignored. They could be a symptom of cancer, or they could indicate some other problem such as chronic bronchitis or acid reflux.


Difficulty in Swallowing

Some men may report trouble swallowing but then ignore it. "Over time, they change their diet to a more liquid diet. They start to drink more soup. But swallowing difficulties may be a sign of a GI cancer, such as cancer of the oesophagus.

Skin Changes (Lump or Growth)

According to The American Cancer Society, any kind of skin changes (growth or shrinkage, swelling or a lump or a feeling of heaviness) is a cause of concern. If you have growth that is getting larger or swelling that doesn’t subside within a week, see a doctor.

Irregular Bowel Movements

When your bowel movements aren't as easy for a long time, it could be a cancer warning. You should go to the doctor for colonoscopy to figure out the reason for it.



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