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  • Reasons of frequent urination in men

    Wonder why some men rush to the loo way too often? Read more to know the possible reasons why some men urinate frequently.

  • 7 Things men should tell their doctors

    Men can get skeptical when it comes to sharing details about their health with a stranger. But, when you don’t share details with your doctor, the difficulty of diagnosing an underlying condition multiplies.

  • 7 Diseases most guys will have by age 50 and how to fight them off

    By the time they turn 50, most men suffer from some or the other health condition. No matter how healthy your youth has been, there are few conditions that will strike as you walk towards your hairless days. Luckily, most of them can be cured.

  • 15 Natural ways to boost testosterone & sex drive

    A happy sexual life is as important for a successful relationship as anything else. Poor sex drive can impact any relationship negatively. However, there are some natural ways to boost testosterone levels as well your ability to perform.

  • Foods That Cause 'Man Boobs'

    Wondering why some men have man-boobs? Blame it on the foods they eat.

  • Trick your Mind to go from being just a Man to a "Macho" Man

    What does it mean to be a man today? Is it all about that beard or those bulging muscles? Being a real man takes work.

  • Symptoms of Prostate Cancer All Men Should Know

    A patient with early prostate cancer may have symptoms like a frequent need to urinate, especially at night, difficulty in starting or stopping the urine stream, pain with urination or ejaculation, and blood in the urine or in the semen.

  • 10 Qualities that Make a Real Man Stand Out

    On International Men's Day every year we celebrate manhood. Some core attributes like strength, reliability and action define a great man who doesn't need a particular day to be special. Know the characteristics of a real man which set him apart from others.

  • 7 Supplements Guys should be Wary Of

    Creative advertising agencies try their best to tout supplements as miracle cures, but sometimes their claims are phony. Take a look at the men's health supplements that may put you against serious health risks.

  • 10 Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is a difficult topic for men to talk about and therefore, there are several misconceptions that exist about it.

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