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Mantras To Help You Develop A Better Relationship With Money

Enough of girls! Now it is time for you to understand your relationship status with your money!

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 20, 2014

The Money Trap

Money is the root cause of every evil. That is one of the most truthful proverbs that you will ever come across. Money gets us stressful, it makes us go mad and ask any rich man, he will tell you how it is never enough. Money can never be enough. You are always wondering about money and thinking how less of it you have. So how can you have a better relationship with your money?

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It Does not Matter

Never let money break you heart, because it does not have the power to do so, a heart break for money is a heart break that is wated. Let you woman break your heart instead, at least she once loved you. Money never loved you, you need to know this loud and clear. You are the one who loved money instead.

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Things Could be Worse

After all you moaning and groaning you should stop and reflect on one truth. It could be much worse than it is now and hence you are better off than anyone. Things could be much worse for all you know and that is the truth! You could be bankrupt and in so much debt that you would be ashamed to look at yourself! So yeah, be happy now.

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Money is a Chain Reaction

You have to realise that the money you hand out to someone would come back to you, that i the way things work so do not get so sad over the fact that your money is disappearing into some abyss. Money can never last, the motto should be, "money goes, money comes!"

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Be Grateful

Instead of thinking how your life is so bad, try and appreciate the money that you have and you will make a huge difference in your mentality. It all depends on the way you think, so you should be very grateful to the money that you have and not be so sad and worried. Remember, it could be worse!

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It is only a Means

Do not make money the length and breadth of your life, it is only a means to go about your daily life. Money can only make you eat, it can only buy you clothes and take you from one place to another. Money will not buy you love, and it will never give you respect from society.

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Save Some

At the beginning of each moth set aside a sum of money and after a few months use this accumulated sum. You need to have some sort of savings, without which you can never last in the long run. Savings will allow you to have some sort of security when you need it the most.

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Less is More

Take the minimalistic approach and that can do wonders for you. Think that you have all you need and you are not required to have anything any more, unless it is really necessary. Thereby you will reinforce the belief that you are satisfied and not craving for money.

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Feeling Good

Try and feel good everytime you spend. Think of yourself to be someone who has the means to pay for something, or even for someone. You should feel better if you help someone and not worse. It gives a great pleasure and it is also a nice philanthropic approach. You will see that you are in ease with money.

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No Credit Cards

This should be your rule of thumb. Credit cards are bad, they are evil, you do not need them in any way. You are already having a hard time managing money and then if you have credit you make things more difficult. So, be sure to let go of the temptation of owning a credit card.

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