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Make Your Date Night Extra Romantic with These Ideas

Handling the intricacies of your work and household stuff may make you neglect your relationship with your partner. But the onus lies on you to rekindle the lost charm of your relationship. So roll up your socks and plan a romantic night date with yo

Snr By Vasudha Bhat / Sep 16, 2014

Add Zing

It becomes quite obvious for every relationship to turn mundane after several years of coming into existence. Consequently, the couple drifts apart and everything starts looking dull. Even the most romantic of all places may seem to hold no excitement when you have visited it over and over. So, in order to add zing to your unexciting relationship, here are some great ideas for your night date with which you can surprise your partner and make them fall in love with you all over again.Image courtesy: Getty Images

Cook Together

Hit the grocery store and pick up your favorite ingredients and plan a date in the kitchen. Cooking together gives you an opportunity to have some personal time with you partner and who knows you might get lucky and manage to grab chance to caress them on the kitchen floor.

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Have Each Other for Dessert

Eating dinner on the dining table is routine, do something different and take your food to your bedroom. Eat in the bed and have each other for dessert.

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Watch a Movie Together

Watch a movie together while holding onto each other but this time instead of the theatre, do it inside your blanket. Arrange for popcorns, drinks and then get cozy on the couch.

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Just because you have grown up, don’t let your maturity ruin your relationship. Remember, age is just a number. Let out the kid in you and scream your heart out with your partner at a karaoke bar.

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Opt for Restaurants with Small Tables

Take your beloved out for a dinner but what you must keep in mind that even if at a public place, you must stay close to them. Choose a restaurant which has smaller tables which will let you sit close to them.

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Try a Restaurant with a Dance Floor

After dinner, have a fun time with your partner. Get them to the dance floor and let yourself loose.

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Check-Into Your Own Room

Get rid of your boring cotton bed-sheets and bed-side lamps. Decorate your room like a hotel room. Use satin bed covers and lite up some candles. You can also put a champaign bottle on the bed-side and re-live the first night after marriage.

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Get Inside a Tent

To have some personal time, arrange for a camp in your backyard or lawn. Decorate it with light strings and spend a romantic night under the stars.

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Share your Dessert

When you order your dessert after main course, make sure you order just one. Share the delicious chocolate milk shake with your partner and watch your love blossom again.

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Re-Visit Old Places

Remember the first coffee shop where you first met them? Take them to the same old place for coffee or dinner where the two of you used to visit in the initial days of your relationship. This will help you re-live your old memories and rekindle your love.

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