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Make People See You as Smarter and with a Superior IQ

Want people to think you’re smarter and intelligent? There are several easy ways that aid intelligence. Here is a guide on how to become more intelligent by keeping track of a few things.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 27, 2014

How to Make People Think you are Smarter

We all have those moments when we feel less intelligent around other people. Would you like to banish such moments completely from your life? There are shortcuts that aid intelligence. Here’s how you can start becoming more intelligent today by keeping track of a few things that enhance your skills.

Believe in Yourself

You are intelligent and you must believe so! This belief gives you confidence, an overall charismatic body language and healthy self-esteem. Seeing such improvement in your confidence level will make other people change their thoughts about you.

Take Control of your Tongue

Always think twice before you speak your mind. Speak clearly and steadily so that others understand what you are trying to say. Use proper grammar; there's nothing like a grammatical slip to make you look like a fool. Don't sound pretentious, but grammar is essential.

Dress Well

Just like the words out of your mouth, the way you dress can convey a lot of things to people. Even if you speak less but dress well, others will hold a positive opinion about you.

Wear a Smile on your Face

Here is a sure connection between beauty and brain. A study suggests that people who think they are more intelligent than others tend to always smile while talking; this was published in the journal PLoS ONE.

Choose Words Wisely

Think about words you say all the time and find their alternatives. However, make sure not to use random words without knowing what they really mean. What if someone asks you what it means and you don't know! Blank words (such as like, um, uh) should be avoided. Keep the use of slang language down to a minimum.

Words from Other Languages are Magic Tricks

When you use words of other languages that you happen to be speaking regularly, it seems that you have taken the time out to learn another language. You can just call ‘c'est magnifique’ for 'that's wonderful' and sound witty. Don't overdo it though; just use words from a foreign language sparingly.

Pronounce Correctly

When you are conversing, you need to pay heed to your pronunciation. You may know your grammar well but if you miss out letters, it makes you sound lazy and incapable. Use the correct pronunciation of words.

Be Curious

Even if you are curious already, be more curious. If you aren’t, you won’t learn much. How do some people get to know so much? Because they are always hungry for something new. Make an effort to want to learn more about things, reminding yourself that it is your curiosity that will broaden your horizons and increase your intelligence.

Exercise your Brain

Exercising your brain is one of the most effective ways to increase intelligence. Some of these ways are - learning a new word each day, solving crossword puzzles, surrounding yourself with intelligent people, learning a new language and spending some time alone.


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