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Don’t Let your Relationship Sink. Follow these Rules to Keep it Blooming

Love has no rule book but, at the same time we must never forget that to err is human. The well-being of your relationship should never be left to chance. You must work harder on some dos and don'ts of a relationship in order to strengthen it.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Aug 01, 2014

To Err is Human

Love is no business that you must lay ground rules before starting one. However, we humans are bound to make mistakes and not everyone can afford to make blunders when it comes to relationships. So, to share a healthy bond with your partner here we give you some dos and donts. Follow these not because not because your relationship needs you but because you need your relationship to stay happy in life.

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Avoid Things you wouldn’t Expect them to do

If you would not appreciate them talking to their ex or you would like them to spend some time with you on a Saturday night instead of going for a drink with friends then the same must imply on you. Make sure you also don’t do things they wouldn’t appreciate.

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Don’t Ignore Them

There are many things that may keep you busy throughout the day. That’s ok! But, make sure that amidst all these things you don’t forget your partner. Even if it is for few minutes, make sure you call or text them to make them feel special.

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Don’t Commit until you Don’t Mean it

Avoid using the ``L’’ word before you actually mean it. This can cause complications in your smoothly running relationship.

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Don’t Let a Third Person Intervene

If you and your partner are facing issues the best you can do in such a situation is avoiding intervention of a third person. Don’t involve a third person to solve the matter. Do it amongst yourself. Sharing your relationship troubles with a third person might irk your partner.

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Never Ever Cheat

When you think that the relationship is losing the spark and you no more find it interesting enough to stick around, just walk out. But, don’t ever cheat. Tell your partner clearly that staying around them doesn’t interest you anymore and walking out is the best option you must sought.

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Don’t Compare

Comparing your partner to anyone on planet earth can wreck havoc on your relationship. Your ex must have been the best person you have ever known but the truth is they are your past now. Hence, comparing must be out of question.

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Take Care of them or Someone Else will

You must never ignore their desires or must never cut short on the time you need to invest on them. Because when you do so, it would not take them a second thought before getting attracted to another person who fulfils their desires.

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