Love the Women in your Life Make Sure they Do These Health Check Ups

Mar 10, 2014

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    Regular Check ups For Women

    Regular health check-ups are essential for each one of us. However, body of a woman, which is more fragile and brittle, needs a little more care than the male body. A woman’s health sees a lot of ups and downs through its life. Beginning with menstrual cycles to pregnancy, a woman’s body witnesses many changes. Therefore, to attain the ability to withstand such drastic changes in the body, it is very important for a female to eat healthy, exercise and have regular check-ups so that any complications which can cause troubles in the future can be detected and cured beforehand.

    So this women’s day make sure that the most special woman in your life, be it your mother, wife, sister or daughter, has taken all these necessary check-ups.

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    Skin Check-up

    Your skin is the reflection of your inner well-being. Radiant and glowing skin is sign of a healthy body. Therefore, make sure you check yours every 3 months. Ensure there are no unusual moles or marks on the body. If you come across something immediately see your dermatologist and seek for a proper cure.

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    Pap Test

    These screening tests help you know if there are any signs in the body that can lead to cervical cancer in the future. The first Pap test should be conducted within a span of 2 years after you have sex the first time and then continue having them every 2 years till you turn 70. Take advice from your doctor to know if you are at a higher risk of cervical cancer. Even if you have taken vaccinations, you must not skip or avoid Pap tests.

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    STI Screening

    If you are aged between 15 and 29 and having sex regularly then it is very necessary to get tested for Chlamydia every year. The STI screening is a normal urine test and detects sexually transmitted diseases in your body. Chlamydia even if present in the body does not always show symptoms.

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    Blood Pressure Check Up

    If your blood pressure stays normal and there is a history of troubled blood pressure in your family, it is fine to get a check-up done every 2 years. But if your blood pressure remains high, it is advisable to get it checked on a regular basis and consult your doctor for medication.

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    Test for Breast Cancer

    A check-up for breast cancer is advised for women of all age groups. If any changes are noticed in the breast you must consult your doctor as early as possible. Women aged between 50 and 70 years without any family history of the disease, should get mammography done every 2 years. However, women who have had a family history of breast cancer should consult their doctors for the duration of their check-ups.

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    Eye Check-Up

    Women aged above 40 years must have regular examination for an eye disease called glaucoma. The disease causes high fluid pressure within the eyeball. If you have a family history of the disease, are suffering from diabetes, have had an eye injury in the past, have high blood pressure or are on steroids regular check-ups become a must. If you are aged between 50 and 65 you must have your eyes checked every 2 years and if you are above 65 it should be done on a yearly basis.

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    Obesity Tests

    Obesity can be the root cause for many problems like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Get your body mass index (BMI) checked regularly by your physician and get a waist measurement done every 2 years.

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    Blood Tests

    Regular blood tests can help you to keep a check on your cholesterol level and blood triglycerides. If there is an increase, you can be at risk of many diseases including heart problems. For women over 45, the test must be conducted every 2 years and the intervals should be made shorter as you grow older.

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    Dental Check-Ups

    Visit your dentist at least once in a year to cut the risk of diseases related to teeth and mouth. Also, take care of your teeth and mouth regularly by cleaning it properly. Consult your dentist as soon as you encounter tooth decay or any other gum disease.

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    Bone Density Check Up

    This test helps you to know the health of your bones. A disease known as Osteoporosis causes thinning of bones and women who have menopause are at a higher risk of catching this disease. It is always advisable to get a regular bone density check up done in order to cover all the risks of the disease. A woman in any role beautifies the life of people who are around her. Her existence can do wonders in any man’s life. It must be the top-most priority of every man to make sure that his woman is leading a healthy and a disease free life.

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