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Looking older than your age? Quit these habits

Getting older is not in our hands, it is a natural phenomenon but we can certainly decelerate it. Sometimes, we look older because of a few lifestyle mistakes that we make. We certainly cannot stop ageing, getting older is inevitable but we can surel

Fashion & Beauty By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 23, 2017

Quit addictions

Sometimes addictions such as smoking, drinking and intake of other substances can accelerate up the ageing process. As per some studies, alcohol can cause premature wrinkles, loss of elasticity in skin, dry skin while smoking can cause grey hair, yellow teeth, baggy eyes and so on. If you wish to look younger or age slower, you will have to quit smoking and drinking and consumption of other substances. However, drinking in moderate is still fine.

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Junk eating

Can eating affect the ageing process? Yes, of course it can. Anything that is high on saturated fats, deep-fried, packed with sugar will speed up the ageing process. Diet plays an important role when you are striving to slow down ageing process and have to get a beautiful skin. If you have habit of gorging on French fries, burgers, doughnuts and so on, quit it and start including healthy foods in your diet. A little tweak in diet will not only slow down the ageing process but will also help you have a healthy and beautiful skin.

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This one is self-explanatory. If you are too lazy to walk or move around, you will age faster. Regular exercise tones up your entire frame making you look young. Also, being physically active slows down ageing process.

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The way you carry yourself

Your posture has a huge impact on how you look to others. Posture plays an important role. If you slouch while walking, standing and sitting, your posture will make you look slightly older. If you are a woman, slouching will make your breast look saggy while for men, slouching will cause them to have a belly. Yoga and certain exercises can fix posture problems. Standing and sitting straight does not only make one look good but keeps the spine in healthy state.

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