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Little Things That Make a Big Difference in a Relationship

Know how to keep your relationship fresh and intimate with these “acts of love.”

Dating By Ariba Khaliq / Mar 17, 2014

Everything I do, I do it For You

With relationships breaking up often, without real reasons, or with reasons that could have easily been dealt with, “honey, please pass me the sugar” shouldn’t be the last sweet words you said to your partner. A delightful smile at their sight, a wink from across the room and a little kiss saying you love them can make a huge difference in your relationship.  Know how to keep your relationship fresh and intimate with these “acts of love.” Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Light Up Your Days with “I Love You”

Take your significant other by the hands, look them deep into their eyes, and say it. Say how much you love them. Can you already imagine them smiling? Yeah, that’s what you want. Say “I love you” because you want to, you mean to, and you feel it. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Watch a Mushy Film Together

This simple but effective formula never goes wrong. You can watch any film of your choice but we recommend European romantic films. They have real-life situations and are pretty interesting. You can feel the love and emotion through the movie and hold each other through it. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Love is Being Stupid Together. Be it

Being silly together shows how comfortable you are with each other. Relive your childhood with your lover. Let the inhibitions go. Embracing one another through folly will make you laugh and play together. You will feel closer and happier. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Say “Thank You for Supporting Me through the Thin Days”

And for lots of other things that really matter. It’s not hard to say thank you. Show them that you are grateful for their support when they held your hand through a crisis, or when they lifted you up when you had failed, or when they stood by your side when you were ill. Words may be too small to express gratitude but they will make your partner feel special and cared for. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


“Hoot. Hoot. Someone’s looking pretty today”

And shower many more compliments. They are awesome things. Compliments show that you notice, approve, appreciate and admire them. Complimenting your partner on their looks, their personality, their positive spirit or whatever else you admire or love about them is something you can’t do too much of. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Have at least one meal together

Today's couples very often tend to feel left out at the dining table. So why not take some time out from your busy schedule and eat at least one meal with your partner? If you're too hungry, you can always have dessert with them. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Do What Your Partner Enjoys

Cheer for his favourite football team with him. Watch her favourite TV serial with her. Take interest in your significant other’s likes even if it’s not your personal favourite. Going outside of your comfort zone speaks volumes to our significant other.  It’s a small gesture that shows you want to be with them and that you go out of your way to see them happy in their element. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


See the World with Them

Take them away from the place you live in, have each other to rely on, spend more time together and create memories. Travelling together can do all that for you. If you can’t afford a big vacation, explore the cities nearby. It will give you both a shared experience and something to talk about that will bring you closer. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Take Their Side in an Argument

You should always back your partner up when they are having a brawl, even if you think that they are not in the right. You must never leave them standing on their own in an argument. This is a little thing that makes a BIG difference. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Cuddle ‘em Up

When you want to show them that you love them, cuddle up. It will soothe away the pain and calm both of you down. It works both ways. Not only will your partner feel relaxed, but you will shake off some of that everyday stress. And when it’s cold, you could keep each other warm. So, it’s a win-win. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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