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Let your Relationship Help you Grow Spiritually

Every relationship has troubles but, when people are in a relationship where these problems are not shared their spiritual growth inhibits. Your relationship must let the both of you to grow as a human being and this is how you do it.

Dating By Vasudha BhatNov 17, 2014

Feel Spiritually Satiated

A relationship is meant to heal the deepest of your wounds and flood you with opportunities to grow. For a relationship to transform the both of you as an individual, the most important thing needed is radical honesty. No matter what the issue is keep it crystal clear with your partner.

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The Inhibitions

There are people who have certain fears and insecurities about the relationship or about their partner and yet they are reluctant to share. This happens mainly because they think that their doubts may be offensive to their partner.

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The Problem

The doubts or issues you experience in a relationship aren’t the real culprits. But, the inhibitions that stop you from sharing your feelings with your partner are the real bad guys. When these inhibitions grow, they make it difficult to breathe and though these are invisible for the other person, the effects are seen on the relationship. So, if you are truly worried about the fragile relationship and you want to use it for your spiritual growth, here is how you can do it.

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Stay Honest

No matter how dark the secret is, don’t be afraid to share it with your partner. It may take a lot of courage in the beginning but with time, the process will get better.

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Make Time to Communicate

Your job and lifestyle may keep you so busy that by the time you make up your mind to speak your heart out, it may already be time to hit the bed. This isn’t how you would succeed. Pick a day when both of you are relatively fresh after work and talk for at least 30 minutes. If you can pick time for a 30-minute deep-conversation you will never lose hold of your relationship.

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Show Love

With time, you would realise that you have grown distant from your partner. This happens when a couple takes expressing love for granted. And, now that you have discovered the problem, tell them why you love them and in return make them do the same thing for you. This will definitely help you bridge the gap.

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Stand by their Side

The goal of your relationship is to put up a fight against each other’s dark side. You must know that your partner’s dark sides are parts that demand love, attention and healing. Therefore, stand by them because abandoning them could cause irreparable damage to the relationship.

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Don’t Let Conflicts Linger on

Make sure that you deal with conflicts as soon as they arise. If you have people or kids around and can’t discuss things right away, be sure that you talk as soon as you find some time alone. When you let these issues go without talking they create even more severe grievances but when you make time to talk things out, you allow your partner to feel better and trust you more.

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