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Learn Ways to Kiss Perfectly and Leave her Awestruck

If you wish to turn every kiss into her perfect first kiss, you must learn the tactics. With some simple ways you can leave her mesmerized and become the better kisser in your relationship.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / May 07, 2014

Make a Place in Her Heart

When you think of kissing your partner, it may seem to be a simple task to perform. However, when it comes to doing it in real that is when you receive a reality check. If you can kiss your lady love in the right manner, you are surely making a place direct into her heart. There are a lot of ways in which you can kiss her but not necessarily all of them are correct. Here are some ways which will leave her mesmerized after the kiss and each kiss will be a perfect first kiss for her.

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Come Closer and Look into her Eyes

You must bring her closer to you first and while doing so you should look her right into her eyes. If you want to be the better kisser in your relationship, read her body language.

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Hold on to Her

You must hold her tight yet be gentle. Pull her towards your chest and draw her as close as possible.

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Make the First Move

Women are shy when it comes to making the first move. Initiate the kiss to prove it to her that amongst the 2 of you, you are the better kisser.

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Tease Her

Tease her with your tongue. If you want to attain perfection you must use your tongue to play with her.

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Bite Her

Bite her lower or upper lip but be very gentle while doing so. Also, to make the perfect kiss, never ever bite her tongue.

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To keep the moment alive, give her a smile and when you see her smiling back at you kiss her back immediately.

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Breathe in her Mouth

To make her feel that the moment is really special, give a gush of air in her mouth.

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Exchange Juices

To give your kiss a perfect ending you must exchange your juices. This will definitely make you the better kisser and will leave her speechless.

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