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LDRs: Love Knows No Distance

Of course, love knows no distance and only those would agree who are or have been in a long distance relationship. It has its own ups-and-downs like any other in-sight relationship, but does distance really affect the feelings inside your heart?

Snr By / Apr 15, 2010

Absence makes the Heart grow Fonder

Whoever said that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” surely said it right. In LDRs, absence makes the heart long for the loved one with eternal hopes and lovable memories. We help you sail through! It builds up the urge to see the person because you are in touch only through a virtual medium. And, boy are we also talking about build-up of some sexusl tension? Wait till you have them in front of you!


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Old School: Mail Trail

Technology has revolutionised the way communication happens, and e-mails have certainly played an important role when it comes to long distance relationships. It is a fast, effective, secured and a low-cost way when both of you are not likely to meet each other anytime soon. Texting old-trail style mails carries out artistic romantic juices. Remember, pen is mightier than a telephone call! An love note can make your loved one melt because believe it or not somewhere the romantic side of you yearns for a letter!

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Plan in Advance

Experts have time and again mentioned that partners who didn’t foresee changes or have not talked through the financial game plan tend to break up easily. So, enlist all the major investments you need to make and clear your due debts. After all we all wish for a safe and a secure future.


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Out of Sight but Not Out of Mind

Trust is a key factor in any sort of relationship. And when it comes to LDRs, it becomes all the more significant. Involve your beloved in discussions on any happening in your life and then try to soothe him or her with the power of your words. This will keep you away from obsessing about the relationship even when he or she is out of sight.

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Talk-Listen-Talk-Listen = Conversation

Talk, Understand, Respond. In the place of nit-picking that you never see each other, chat about the exciting things in your life. Resolve disagreements timely before it’s too late. The mantra is to “talk the thoughts”. Make sure you don't sulk over a fight because the more you dwell on it, more sour your relationship will become. And, you sure don't want to taste sour grapes in your LDR.


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Box-full of Surprises

We all love surprises, don’t we? Let that be an unexpected fairy-tale incident. Make an unexpected trip to see your partner. Or want to go out of the box? Then shoot a video tape recording of yours which is conveying a personal message. Or simply throw an advertisement in a newspaper with a message just for your partner. Shouldn't some things surprise your love? What's the point in doing the expected when you have a chance to be different!


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