Know when your beauty products expire

Apr 22, 2015

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    Mascara is a makeup item you should be most attentive about. In order to apply mascara, you need to take out the brush, apply it, and then put it back in the tube.  When you do so it brings with it any bacteria that has collected along the way. Lingering bacteria can cause redness and itchiness, or even conjunctivitis and sties.  Therefore, switching mascara every 2-3 months is a safe choice.  You will get a distinct gasoline-like smell once it has gone bad. In case you develop any negative symptoms, you should immediately throw out any of your eye makeup that may have been contaminated. If your eyes are still irritated a day or two later, see an eye doctor.

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    Except for powder formulas, water based foundation are more likely become breeding ground for bacteria. Unopened, foundation can last for a couple of years, but once the seal is broken, it's best to replace it after  6- 12 months. In order to prevent them from bacteria, you must keep them out of moist environments and away from heat, as high temperatures are believed to encourage the growth of the bugs and can speed up the spoiling. An off smell or a change in colour is an indication that  you need to stop using the product as applying it could cause irritation or breakouts.

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    Eye shadow

    Do you love using eye-enhancing shadows?  Well, we are sure you would not want your eyes to get red or itchy due to eye shadows.  You should replace your powder shadows after about 3 months. Since they are constantly in contact with a mucous membrane, there's a higher risk of transferring bacteria to the product and then back to the eyes.  You need to pay extra attention to cream-based shadows, as they are more likely to grow bacteria more quickly than powders.

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    Liquid or pencil eye definers should be replaced after 3 months. Just like eye shadows, they are also applied near a sensitive area, hence are more likely to pick up bacteria and bring it back to the eye very easily. Using a dirty eyeliner could give you redness, itchiness, or, in extreme cases, conjunctivitis.

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    Lipstick and lip gloss

    Since your lipsticks are repeatedly exposed to the mouth area, it is recommended to replace them after a year, or if you have recently been sick.  As you may know, lipsticks and glosses contain oily ingredients that start to smell like sour cooking oil over time. Besides, the texture also  begin to change. You'll know a lipstick has gone bad when it gets hard and you can't spread the pigment on your lips.

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