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Thinking of Career Change? Know what’s Stopping you

Many of us are well aware of the fact that a change in our careers is required at an urgent basis. However, there are numerous reasons that restrict us from choosing the right direction.

Office Health By Vasudha Bhat / May 13, 2014

Job Switch

Career plays a very important part in our life as it sketches our future course. There can be numerous changes which you may have been wishing to introduce into your career that according to you will pave a better pathway for your life. But, despite being absolutely aware of these facts, many of us don’t make a career change even when it is the most required thing in our lives. Let’s know few reasons which may be stopping you from switching your job.

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You are yet to Discover your Passion

This the most common of all reasons many people may have for not changing their jobs. Many of you would be willing to change your career but may not be able to decide upon your next career opportunity.

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Fear of Losing Opportunities

Many of us who have worked for years in the same profile may fear for losing out on opportunities if we make a career change. The results of your current job might be satisfying for you and a switch may seem to look like putting everything on risk.

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Monetary Benefits

What interests you the most might not let you take a handsome salary home each month unlike your current job.

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You are not Aware of the Opportunities

People are always scared of joblessness. They fear a moment when they will have no job with them and this makes them believe that there are no jobs in the market.

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You Don’t Trust your Skills

People who plan to open something of their own usually encounter this problem. They think that they are not skilled enough to start something of their own.

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You Think you are Not Fit for any Other Job

If you have worked in the same profile and in the same company for years, at some point it will make you believe that you are no more fit for any other job. But the fact is that you don’t want to leave your comfort zone.

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You Think yourself to be too Old for any Change

Many of us who are only in our 30s or 40s treat ourselves to be too old to make any changes in our career. We think that we are no more young enough to adapt to a new profile or a company.

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Career Change will have Effects on Your Marriage

Married people treat marriage as a threat when it comes to making a change in their careers. They think the stress caused by the new career will have ill effects on their marriage.

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You are Low on Confidence

After working for years with a company you lose faith in yourself. You think you no more look good and people at the new organization will not approve of you.

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You Fear People will Think Less of You

When you plan to switch your career and leave your current job, you always live in the fear of being rejected. This makes you scared of being insulted before the people you know.

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