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Want to Make your Man Happy? Know Things which he Always Wished to Tell you

There are many desires which your man must have kept under cover when it comes to having sex. So, it is for you to know them and make him the happiest man on the planet.

Snr By Vasudha Bhat / May 06, 2014

Know What your Man Wants

Most men shy away from their partners when it comes to sharing their desires in bed. Therefore, women must understand that sex is a two-sided coin and they also have to be equally involved in the act. While you wish that your man gives you a romantic time between the sheets, you must not forget that he too has some desires and always wishes to bring them to life. Here are some things which your man wishes you to know about sex.

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Not Always will they have the Big O

It is for you to understand that not necessarily each time you have sex, your man will have an orgasm and that’s completely not your fault. Don’t make out a big deal out of it and stop pitying them. Instead, caress there sensitive body parts to get them back into action.

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Be Vocal about your Desires

Nothing can be more satisfying for your man to see you in pleasure. So, tell him about your fantasies and desires and leave everything else on him.

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Try Something New

Doing the same stuff each time can make your man lose interest in sex. They want some action frequently. Don’t let monotony take over your sex life. Try out new positions and places to keep the excitement alive.

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Caress other Parts Too

Men too can have multiple erogenous parts on their body. Touch and play with his parts too. Don’t just limit yourself to his sex organ. He wants you to venture out other places also.

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Make Some Noise

Don’t just stay like a wooden plank on the bed. Make some noise and let your man know how you feel. This helps arouses them and tells them their right moves.

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Show Intimacy Outside the Bedroom Also

Your intimacy should not end with you stepping out of the bed. You can keep it going through sexting. Arouse him with some dirty text messages and get him ready for the night. Also, always dress up your best when he is taking you out. Men like to feel proud about their lady love outside the bed too.

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Be Enthusiastic

Sometimes men like to be at the receiving end. They want you to take charge of the act and order them their next move. Be vocal and enthusiastically navigate him to his way to pleasure.

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Don’t have Sex for the Sake of having It

This one is a big turn off for men. If you treat sex like a job it can drive your man crazy. Men too have feelings and sex is a way for them to connect with you emotionally. So, don’t play with their emotions and start showing some interest.

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Give Compliments

Once you are done and your cuddling begins, tell him how good you felt about the love making session. Don’t hesitate in telling him his best moves.

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Learn from Adult Films

Your partner may not have said it ever, but he surely expects some action which is quite similar to the adult movies he has grew up watching.

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