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Know the Risks of Vasectomy

A potential concern with vasectomy is that you may later change your mind about wanting to father a child.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Apr 19, 2014

Concerns Regarding Vasectomy

A vasectomy is surgery to cut the vas deferens, the tubes that carry a man’s sperm from his scrotum to testicles.  A man who has had a successful vasectomy cannot make a woman pregnant. A potential concern with vasectomy is that you may later change your mind about wanting to father a child. Although it may be possible to reverse your vasectomy, there's no guarantee it will work. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Side Effects Right after Vasectomy

Mayo Clinic lists the following- bleeding or a blood clot (hematoma) inside the scrotum, blood in your semen, bruising of your scrotum, infection of the surgery site, mild pain or discomfort, and swelling. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Delayed Complications after Vasectomy

You may experience- rare chronic pain, fluid buildup in the testicle (which can cause a dull ache that gets worse with ejaculation), inflammation caused by leaking sperm, and rarely pregnancy (in the event that your vasectomy fails). Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Unsupported Concerns of Vasectomy

For most men, a vasectomy doesn't cause any noticeable side effects, and serious complications are rare. Many men worry that a vasectomy could cause serious problems — but these fears are unfounded. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Affected Sexual Performance

A vasectomy won't affect your sex drive or your masculinity in any way other than preventing you from fathering a child. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Damaged Sexual Organs

There's very little risk that your testicles, penis or other parts of your reproductive system will be injured during surgery. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Risk of Cancer

Although there have been some concerns about a possible link between vasectomy and prostate and testicular cancer in the past, there's no proven link. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Heart Disease

Same as cancer fears, there doesn't appear to be any link between vasectomy and heart problems either. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



You may feel minor pain and pulling or tugging during surgery, but severe pain is rare. Likewise, after surgery you may have some pain, but for most men it's minor and goes away after a few days. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Prognosis of Vasectomy

Vasectomy does not affect a man's ability to have an erection or orgasm, or ejaculate semen. Remember, a vasectomy does not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Image Courtesy: Getty Images


After the Surgery

Your sperm count gradually decreases after a vasectomy. After about 3 months, sperm are no longer present in the semen. You must continue to use birth control to prevent pregnancy until your semen sample is totally free of sperm. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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