Keys To True Happiness

Nov 28, 2014

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    True Happiness

    Happiness is one of the best phases of life that everyone wishes last much longer. However, not everyone is as happy as they hope to be. So, what is it that makes people happier? What is their key to staying happy? Here are 10 factors that may have a say in how happy you will be. Identify them and set en route a happy journey. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Money can help you buy a limited degree of happiness, but once you are able to afford the basics of life such as food, clothes and house, money makes less and less difference to you.  On an average, wealthier people are happier than others. But, there is no direct link between happiness and money.  If we look at growth levels from the past years, the average income has skyrocketed in the industrial area but the happiness levels have remained static. Once the basic needs are met, money only buys happiness when you have more money than your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    What makes you feel good? A professor from the University of Nothern British Columbia in 1980 conducted a research in which he asked 18000 college students from 39 different countries to rate their happiness on a numeric scale. He then asked them how close they were in achieving what they wanted. He found that people who have aspirations for money, family, job and health beyond what they had, were less happy than those who aspired for less.  This simple observation explains the reason why people are not happy enough even when they have all the material possessions. Instead of being satisfied with what they already have achieved, people usually want more. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Not many surveys have been conducted on whether smart people are happier than others.  But, this conclusions seems strange because brighter people often earn more, thereby happier. Some researchers suggest that brighter people set higher expectations for themselves which is why they don’t feel satisfied with anything less than the highest achievements. Having a high IQ does not help you to get along with people; on the other hand, social intelligence does bring you happiness. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Are we born happy or unhappy? Some psychologists believe that feeling good or bad at any moment is somehow related to what is happening in our lives at that time.  How we feel at any moment is also determined by the set points of happiness. And, the set points of happiness depend on the genes. Many researches have shown that extroverts tend to be happier than introverts as extroverts are more sociable, more talkative and open with others. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    A group of researchers from United States conducted a research in 42 countries and found that married people are consistently happier than singletons. Is it the marriage that makes them happy or are happy people more likely to get married?  Both the reasons may be true. Besides, having a partner to share everything with and rely upon makes a lot of things easier for anyone. The fact that you are not alone appears to make people less worried when they are married. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    It is believed that life is kinder to those who are beautiful. The most attractive faces are highly symmetrical and symmetry is a sign of good genes and healthy immune system.  Perhaps beautiful people are healthier so they are happier too. If you believe you look great even if you are not gorgeous, you can cash in on the beauty’s emotional high as well.  Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Karl Marx described religion as a social institution which depends upon the material and economic realities of the society. Your faith makes you believe in something that you’re directly or indirectly related to. Your faith could be religious, emotional, personal, or technical, and it will make you feel stronger and happier. Believing in something helps you avoid stress, depression and loneliness. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    People who are free to follow their hearts are usually happier than those who are denied even a chance to pursue their dream. People who have the support of their families, friends and society are happier. On the other hand, an upbringing with too many restrictions can leave a person unhappy for a long time. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Education opens new gateways to endless world of knowledge and possibilities. Learning usually makes a person more aware about several things. The more you know things, the more you feel confident and comfortable, which will eventually allow you to stay happier. Not knowing things can make you feel stressed and nervous which can take a toll on your happiness. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    No matter what you do or how well you do in life, if you share your sorrows or joys with others, you are more likely to be happy as compared with people who don't share. People usually feel happier when they care for someone they know or someone from the society who is in need. Image Courtesy: Getty