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Keep your Vision Strong with these Simple Tricks

Eyes are a window to the soul. Unhealthy eyes can mean you are unhealthy from inside. When you strain your eyes too much, you get closer to losing your vision and miss out on one of the most amazing experiences of life.

Eye Disorders By Vasudha Bhat / May 16, 2014

Let your Eyes Smile

What we see decides our actions. Good eyesight plays an important role in your performance at school, work, and other social activities.
Bad eyesight can take a toll on your mental health and can make you socially inactive. Although there are many corrective measures available in the market which will help you re-gain your lost vision but you must also follow some tips to improve your eyesight and get rid of those glasses and contact lenses.

Following are some tips which you should follow to have that perfect eyesight.

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Know How Vision Works

If you know how the vision works, you will be able to understand the habits which work right for you and the habits which are harming your vision.

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Keep an Eye Chart

Clinging on the wall of your room should always be an eye chart which will help you measure your progress. You can always find one the internet.

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Relax your Eyes

While you spend hours before the computer screen working, your eyes have to take a lot of stress. Hence, you must always do some relaxation exercises to soothe your eyes. Rub your hands together till some heat is created. Now, place warm hands on your eyes and imagine a relaxing place and restrict light from entering your eyes.

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Don’t Let your Eyes Dry

You must maintain the moisture level of your eyes to keep them healthy. You may experience itchy, red , and painful eyes if your eyes are dry. Blink frequently and don’t stare at your TV or computer for long hours.

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To keep your eyes healthy, you must exercise them. Every 20 minutes, focus on an object which is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

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Make your Eyes Flexible

When you have to spend long hours staring at your computer, remember to look at things in different direction regularly. Avoid keeping your eyes in the same position for long to increase the flexibility of your eyes.

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Lower the Brightness

To make your eyes feel relaxed, reduce the brightness of your computer screens. But, don’t lower it so much that you have trouble seeing the objects on the screen.

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Take Breaks

When you have a sedentary job, you must take regular breaks. These breaks will help you reduce the strain on your eyes and will let them heal themselves.

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Avoid Stress

The more time you spend around technology, the more you hurt your eyes. Excessive usage of mobile phones, television, and computers can put strain on your eyes. So, if you want to improve your vision reduce the stress on your eyes.

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Get Protection from UV Rays

Just like you skin, your eyes also need a protection from the harmful rays emitted by the sun. Never forget to wear UV protection sunglasses when you go out in sun.

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