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Is Your Skin Older than You

Your skin is a mirror to your health and age for the rest of the world. Make sure you understand what makes your skin look older and keep it looking healthy and younger.

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 21, 2015

Older Skin

Your skin is a window to your health. Healthy skin makes you look healthier and younger. On the other hand, unhealthy and wrinkled skin makes you look unhealthy and a lot older than what you actually are. So, what is it that makes your skin look older? Some of these could be potent reasons. Image courtesy: http://tuningpp.com/


One of the most common reasons for your skin to look healthy or unhealthy is your lifestyle. If you live a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and ample exercise, it is very likely for you to have a healthy skin that helps you stay a lot younger. Living an unhealthy lifestyle for some time can have negative effects on your health and the signs usually appear on your skin in the form of dull and wrinkled skin. Stick to a healthy lifestyle if you want to look younger. Image Courtesy : Thehindu


Your genes also have a lot to say in determining the health of your skin. While you cannot do much about your genes, if you have already seen unhealthy skin in your family that makes the person look older than what he/she actually is, you should be prepared to look after your skin. Understand your genes and keep your skin healthy and young. Image courtesy: movies.ndtv


Environmental conditions around you also affect your skin. If you live in a cold environment with fresh air and clean water, you are more likely to look healthy. On the other hand if the conditions around you mark pollution, humidity or hot weather and contaminated water, it can show signs of damage on your skin. Avoid the negative effects of environment to avoid an older looking skin. Image Courtesy: gopixpic.com


If there is an organ inside your body that makes continuous efforts to keep your skin healthy, it’s your liver. A healthy liver removes toxins from your body, keeping your skin healthy. If your liver is unhealthy, your skin will soon lose its glow and start looking older. Too much of alcohol can affect your skin’s health, thereby causing older looking skin. It can also promote acne and other skin problems. Keep your alcohol intake to moderate levels to avoid skin and health problems. Image Courtesy: Indianbeautycentral.blogspot.



When you eat too much sugar, the excess sugar can combine with proteins, forming advanced glycation end products. The end products are harmful for your skin as they can damage the skin’s collagen. Too much sugar intake is also harmful for your teeth and overall health. If you eat too many sweets you are also at an increased risk of obesity. Image Courtesy: Galleryhip.com


Your skin needs proper care, after all it has to go through a lot every day. If you look after your skin from childhood, you will have a healthier looking skin that looks younger than your actual age. But, ignore your skin for a few years and you are bound to have a dull and unhealthy skin that looks way older than your actual skin. Keep your skin looking younger with proper care. Image Courtesy: mybollywoodbigblog.


If you love to get ready for every occasion with makeup, you are not doing anything bad. But some chemicals in the makeup can harm your skin. Leaving make up on the face for too long can also affect your skin’s health and make it look older. It is quite common to notice wrinkled skin in people who wear too much of make up for long periods of time. Image Courtesy: Timesof india



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