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Is She Really Into you? Signs which will Burst your Bubble

When you start liking someone, you start giving yourself false hopes that someday you can some time later date them. But, staying in this bubble for long is really hazardous for you and you should come out of the fool’s paradise as early as possible.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / May 14, 2014

Open your Eyes

If it has been a while since you have trying to woo a girl but she pays no heed to your efforts, it is time for you to start looking for signs and be sure about her feelings. Although, the following 10 signs may break your heart, they will also let you come out of your false hopes.

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You Often Hear Her Saying she is not Ready for a Relationship

This is an age old technique women bring in use to escape the advancements made by a man. This leaves the man with nothing more to say. And, if she has been saying this over and over it is very important for you to read the hidden message. Her not being ready for a relationship means that she does not find you fit enough to be her partner.

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You Keep Calling her and she Never Returns Your Calls

This may be a sign of her lack of interest in talking to you and calling you back is not at all on her mind. She wants to avoid your company and she is not into you.

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She Never Makes an Eye Contact

When a woman is attracted to a man, she looks for opportunities to stay close to him. But, when she has no feelings for the guy she will try to stay away from him and will get uncomfortable when the guy tries to touch get closer. Also, when she talks to you, she tends to look everywhere but into your eyes.

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She Finds Other Men Attractive

Is she talking about the guy in her neighborhood and how attractive she finds him? Does she keep bringing up her ex in between all your conversations? If your answer is a yes, you must stop hoping that she thinks of you anything more than a friend.

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She Wants you to Date Some Other Woman

If you are only a friend for her, she will always keep fixing you up with other women. This clearly shows that she has never considered dating you and wishes well for you just like your any other friend would do.

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She Does not Find you Funny

When a girl laughs at your jokes, it means either your sense of humour exceptionally great or she does not want you to feel bad about cracking a bad joke. In both the cases, she is attracted to you. But, if the girl gives a straight face to all your jokes, you must make your choices as early as possible.

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She Never Makes a Concrete Plan to Meet

When she is eager to meet you, she will come up with ideas to meet up and fix up a date herself. But when it is otherwise, she will seem to be disinterested in meeting and will never come up with a concrete plan to meet.

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She Cancels Meetings With you Regularly

This sign is quite obvious which you should have noticed by now. When a girl is attracted to you she will like to spend time with you. Your meeting plans will rarely be cancelled. However, in a case where she has no interest in you, she will have other jobs to accomplish. Meeting you will not be on her priority list.

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She Keeps Giving Hints About her Dream Man

Almost all women have few personality traits fixed in their minds which they want their man to have. Did you notice that the description of her dream man is not even someone close to you? So, it is time for you to maintain a distance and not suffocate her with your desperate attempts.

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