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Interesting Facts about Human Mouth

Your mouth is a crucial part of your body. From taste to digestion it plays so many important roles in your daily life. Think you know everything about it? Here are some of the interesting facts about human mouth that you might not know.

Dental Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 11, 2014


Mouth is one of the most crucial parts of the body. Problems that affect mouth can make it difficult to eat, drink or sometimes even smile. Depending upon the level of difficulty, the action of mouth disorders varies. Proper maintenance of mouth by brushing and flossing is of utmost importance.  However, there are some interesting facts about mouth that we think you should know. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Snoring is not something which is to be considered a fine habit. It’s hard for us to recognize whether we snore or not when are resting or sleeping. However, a study suggests that people who have narrow roof habitually tend to snore. Such people can only respire less oxygen through their nose. Also, sleeping with a man or woman who snores makes it very uncomfortable for the other partner. According to the examiners it has been affirmed that one in eight men snores. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Taste Zone

We taste the food whether it is sweet, sour or bitter with help of our tongue. There are only four taste zone on our tongue. The sour zone is located on the side of the back of the tongue while the bitter zone is situated on the reverse side of the ounce. Whereas, sweet zone is placed on the face side of the tongue, the salt lies on the sides of the frontal area of the tongue. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Chewing Depends on the Hands

Did u know that chewing depends on the hands? Yes, you heard it right. Right handed people are likely to chew the food on the right side, while if you are left handed you will be likely to chew on the left side. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Transporting the Food

Your mouth also plays a vital role in transporting the food. The digestion is an extended process which begins in the mouth with chewing and ends in the small intestines. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Up and Down

The roof of the mouth is composed of hard and soft palates and the floor of the mouth is created by the tongue which is a well developed formation that contains the organs of taste. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


This one is the most interesting fact out of all. Kissing is considered good for the health especially for preserving the strength of the teeth. When people kiss, the formation of the saliva is increased in the mouth. Besides kissing more often helps in keeping the plaque at bay. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


The digestion procedure is initiated from the mouth which includes chewing, grinding action of the teeth that help to reduce food in to readily eatable form. While the enzymatic process that convert the starch into sugar is initiated by salivary amylase which is an excretion from the three salivary glands. The saliva from these glands moistens the food making it dispensation in the digestive system.

 Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Cough is considered as one of those dreadful diseases that can affect the respiratory organ. The standard speed with which cough comes out the mouth is 96.5 kilometers for every hour.

 Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Taste Buds

Other interesting fact about the mouth lies in the taste buds. Do you have any idea what is the life span of taste buds? No? Well it is just ten days. Another interesting fact is that taste buds are not always located under the tongue. They can be on within the check or even on the top of the mouth.

Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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