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Interesting Facts about the Science of Attraction

Human attraction has some subtle facts to it that we do not know all about. So, let's get started and decode this mystery called love to get a little more closer to the reality of it all.

Dating By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Jul 29, 2014

The Science of Attraction

The science of human attraction is a ring of puzzling complexity so much that we do not attempt to think beyond “ye toh dil ka mamla hai” to understand why we give a cold shoulder to one and a welcoming one to another.  If this science was compiled in a book, it couldn’t possibly stay tuned to the black ink on the paper; such is the vastness of this subject. Good news is that the scientists of physical attraction have dug up some interesting facts all compiled in the upcoming slides just for you. So, start touring!

Symmetry, an Architect’s Fantasy

Scientists have said that symmetrical faces are at an advantage of finding partners easily compared with those who have uneven facial features. By symmetry, they meant well-aligned lips, eyes and nose. Symmetrical faces tend to be more attractive and this is related to perfect genes and the prospect of having beautiful babies.

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We Exchange a Like for a Like

Have you ever been told of an unknown person who has a crush on you and you thereafter found yourself developing a liking for them? Turns out this attraction is reciprocated based on the fact that you feel complimented by what they think about you and reflexively relate those pleasing thoughts to the concerned person.

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Birth Control Pill can Make a Woman Less Attractive

This is with regards to the changes in one’s thoughts that the bill can trigger. Scientists have found that taking birth control pill apparently has the potential to influence opinions of some women that can eventually make them less attractive to their partner. The pill can sway women to develop redeeming qualities in the form of intellect, financial security, etc.

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Older Parents=Attraction towards Older People

If you were born when your parents were above the age of 30 years, you are likely to be attracted to people much older than your age. You could be attracted to elderly celebrities, an older man/woman, even the parent of your best friend. That doesn’t make you downright offensive; the fault is in our genes you see.
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Love is Legitimately in the Air

Scientists restate the fact that we humans can smell love out of the air. Something that the greeting cards and meme quotes had been trying to tell us by the phrase “Love is in the air”. Scientifically, there is an odorless chemical substance like pheromone that men release called androstadienone.  It gets released with the sweat and is capable of stimulating and alerting the victim. This hormone, however, is subtly so you needn’t be too bothered.

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Hungry Men Heart Heavier Women

Scientists claim that hungry men tend to like heavier women because of socio-economic reasons such as the latter putting it through that they have access to resources. This doesn’t require the support of scientific theory. Take the case of women who dress themselves well and wear expensive jewellery or a man who dons a seductive cologne; such personalities tend to attract more attention than feebly-dressed people do and that is primarily because their dressing gives us an insight into their funds.
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Wearing Red increases Sex Appeal

Red is a colour that is universally loved. So, if you want to increase your chances of acquiring a date in a gathering, wear red. Just wearing it can increase your level of appeal and help you catch the fish while it is in your radar. You could also accessories in red and see yourself being the head-turner.

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Making the Move makes you more Attractive

If you go out at lengths to do whatever it takes to score a date or a romantic relationship, you tend to put yourself through as potentially attractive. Everybody likes to wait and watch someone else make the move. So, why not try being the initiator and thus, increasing the prospect of nailing the date.

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