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Interesting Facts about Girls

No, you do not know all about girls, no one does. We are here to share some deep secrets about them, find out!

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Dec 30, 2013

Facts on Girls

Girls have always raised the collective curiosity of men; after all they happen to be on the most mysterious species of the world. You may have been a serial romancer for many years now, but there are certain things about girls that go unnoticed even by the most distinguished modern Casanovas. Here is a guide to understand some lesser known facts about girls.

Anger Increases with Diminishing Attention

When you pamper a girl very early on you will have to maintain it, and if you do not then we will have to pray for you. Girls think that their men are getting less interested when you cannot deliver that kind of attention that you used to once upon a time. Therefore, take it one at a time, and do what is doable.

Girls Fall out as easy as they Fall In

Girls can fall in love very hard and very easily, but they can fall out of it all too easily as well. This could happen she is disappointed with you in the event of a lie, or you being infidel and dishonest. They will become cold and will have “nothing left” in them for you. Inversely girls can love with their mind, body and soul.

She is Mad for she wants your Attention

When your girlfriend or wife gets mad at you then you have to give her your attention. If she says, “Do not talk to me now I am not in the mood”, then you do not just waltz off from there. You have to stay and hold her and pull her towards you and make her understand. If you think that it is a very risky situation then just sit still right there. She wants your attention.

Her True Love finds no Faults

It is a really great virtue in girls that they most times seem to over look all sorts of faults in the person they love. Your dirty room and bad mood can most times go unnoticed, but you have to be careful not to let your faults overtake all your rights. She will stick with you no matter what, and that is what makes her great.

She is on an Eternal Quest for the One

Every girl is on an eternal quest for her Prince Charming ever since her nursery teacher taught her that story. Yes, even your long time lover or your 25 years of wedded wife is looking for the right one, as no one seems to fit that bill. She wants it all; yes girls always want it all. So, you have to be an extraordinary lover to make sure that your girl sticks.

Not Every Girl is about the Money

The truth is that a few rotten apples have spoilt the lot, and so you must bear in mind that not every girl is after your money. Some girls want just you and your unending love; yes even this could take a toll, but is still better than those gold diggers. It is only by sheer luck that you can find someone who would truly love you, because the lot is mostly rotten.

She will really do Care if she has to

A girl plays many role in her life, the most important being that of a mother. This is why every girl has that streak in her to be a care giver to the extent of infinity, but you have to be worth it. If girls have to care then they can really go all the way, they can be very giving when it comes to the people who matter to them.

She loves to Play touch me not

Girls love to play ‘touch me not’, and so will never give in to your advances so easily. A man has to work his way to get a girl and that is it, there is no other way. She will talk to you, laugh with you, drink with you and be your best bud, but she will not give in so easily. If you must hold her hand, you have to do it in style and therefore it is important to woe her.

She Remembers what you did Every Summer

Yes she has photographic memory of everything, and we literally mean everything. Girls have great memory power and you better take this seriously. Men tend to forget things more easily but girls don’t. They will remember every small detail and will charge you with them, whether you like it or not. Yes they can pretty much drive you crazy and convince you that you have a mental problem that is precisely because they remember so much! So, be careful there bud!


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