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Importance of Breakfast

We all tend to miss breakfast and assume that it would be all right to eat a bar of calories instead. But, there is more to breakfast that we ever imagine.

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Jan 03, 2014

Break the Fast

There is a reason why your mother force feeds you breakfast irrespective of whether you get late for college or not. And the reason is not just one. Here is a quick insight on the many benefits of eating breakfast and why it is important.

Induces Weight Loss

It may sound counter-intuitive, but eating breakfast does in fact, help you lose weight and keep it managed. This is because a lot of people who miss a healthy breakfast tend to grab high-calorie quick fixes instead of low-calorie, whole-grain cereal or milk. So, savour your low-calorie whole-grain breakfast and draw your weight gain scale to its minimum.

Wakes the Brain Up

To make sure that you perform your best once you have had a good night’s sleep, you must nourish every part of your body from top to bottom and this includes the brain as well. So, to be able to push the brain to start functioning for the day, you must have a nutritious breakfast. Experts say that it is easier to concentrate as well as complete tasks at work and home when you have had a balanced morning meal instead of just coffee.

Gives More Energy

The blood sugar in the morning is at its lowest for the day. So, your fuel tank will be near empty. Breakfast is that one important thing that can make your engine going as it raises the blood sugar levels and ramps the metabolism up so as to energise the body. Eating a carb-protein combo such as a slice of whole-grain toast or a bowl of oatmeal made with milk can ensure that you have longer-lasting energy with fewer hunger pangs throughout the day.

Is Packed with all the Nutrients you Need

There are certain vitamins that we do not get enough of such as vitamin D, potassium, calcium and dietary fibre. The best part about a breakfast is that it is dense with these nutrients. So, instead of popping a multi-vitamin supplement, mix and match different types of foods so that you get all of these nutrients delivered right at the start of the day.

Satisfies Hunger

Eating in the morning can influence how hungry you feel throughout the rest of the day. Eating a combination of nutrients in breakfast can keep you well satisfied at least until midday or even later. You could try two eggs and yoghurt with a whole-wheat toast to keep yourself satiated and hunger pangs away. If you are not sure of what breakfast to have on each day, try experimenting different food combinations.

Wards Diseases Off

Antioxidants that are found in certain produce like blueberries and raspberries help to protect the cells present in one’s body from getting damaged. Try different varieties of foods to get as much nutrition as possible. A lot of nutrients that we consume in our daily lives help us to prevent the most critical of diseases.

Keeps Heart Healthy

Several studies have shown that those people who had breakfast regularly had less cholesterol and fat, but more fibre, which promised to improve their heart’s health. This, of course, depends on the type of breakfast that you have. If your idea of a breakfast is to have lots of butter and bacon, there is nothing saving you from the impending danger of a heart disease.


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