If period cramps are giving you a tough time, this diet can ease them

Apr 11, 2017

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    Food To eat During Periods

    We all know what happens when it’s that time of the month. The totally unnecessary mood swings, the uncomfortable bloating, the annoying cramps and what not, we do go through lot during periods. The least we could do for ourselves and our precious bodies giving it proper diet plan during those days for a smooth sailing.


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    Dose of lean fibre and protein

    The constant falling blood sugar level during can be stabilise with some lean protein along with satiating your abnormal cravings. Try gorging on skinless chicken breasts, Beans & Lentils, dairy products like cottage cheese, milk, fish, tofu and soy products, and for fibre you can go for wholegrain, nuts, potatoes and dry fruits etc. So, yes, some French fries dipped in cheese can definitely be your saviour during those days.


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    Make a proper plan

    It is understandable that the craving is absolutely normal but it is always smart not to eat too much or too less during those days to avoid nausea and cramps. All you need to do is get to an average level of satiation.


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    Snack up

    Bloating is the worst. What women do is that they rely too much on sugary drinks during those days while they should avoid them. Instead, just go for nuts, fruits, and some vegetables that you can have raw like carrots, beets etc. and whole grain cookies. If you wish to have something to drink, go for some chicken stalk.


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    Go for some iron

    If possible fill your diet with iron-rich foods like peas, dark green leafy vegetables, beans, seafood, red meat, pork and poultry. It will compensate for the blood you lose.


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    Stick to your daily shot of espresso

    Caffeine will help you get rid of that lethargy during the periods. You do not have to overdo, just one cup in the morning is enough.


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