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Ideas that can keep you motivated for workout

Although, most of us want to have a healthy body, it is the same us who lack motivation to workout regularly. Blaming it on busy schedule is a common practice. However, all the reasons are just an excuse. Here are few ideas that will help you to stay

Exercise & Fitness By Vasudha Bhat / Dec 05, 2014

No Excuses any More

We often come across people who keep cribbing about their body weight or shape and how they are not able to extract time out of their busy lives to workout. However, the fact is that this is just an excuse. Most people think that spending hours exercising is necessary and when they do not manage to pull out those few hours from their schedule they prefer skipping the exercise completely. They think either it's 1 hour of exercise or no exercise at all. But, the fact is even a second of movement counts and the only problem with most people is that they lack motivation. So, here are few tricks that can help you stay pumped up always.

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Walk for 5 Minutes

According to the heart association, a 150-minute walk in a week must be planned. However, if due to any reason you are unable to meet the goal, a 5-minute walk could also suffice. In a study, health habits and outcomes of over 4,00,000 people were followed for eight years. It was found that people who had low level of physical activity had 14 percent reduction in death when compared with people who were completely inactive. People with a higher activity level had even lower mortality rate.

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Make Full Use of TV Commercials

Every two hours that you spend watching TV, your risk of obesity increases 23 percent and the risk of developing diabetes increases by 14 percent. There is reduction in the risk even if you exercise regularly. However, you shouldn’t cut down on the hours you spend watching TV. All you need to do is multitask. During a commercial break, get hold of your dumbbells and do few sets quickly. If this isn’t doable for you, make sure that you don’t spend any commercial not moving. Get up and start walking during the 60 second break.

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Do it for Someone Else

Most of us feel more motivated when it is about doing something for someone else. So, be it! You can dedicate small acts of exercise to do some good to people you love or at times for people who are complete strangers. When you feel that you are making a difference to someone’s life, you will never give up on performing a physical activity. For example, instead of putting dirty dishes in the sink for your domestic help to clean it, you could consider doing it yourself to save her some effort.

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Keep Away from Machines

Devices like dishwashers and elevators surely help you save a lot of time but, they also save you from burning a lot of calories also. Habits like washing the dishes with hand, walking to work, climbing the stairs have been found to be very useful in keeping fit. Whenever possible try not to use machines and do all the household chores manually. When a person uses an elevator instead of stairs, they save 111 calories from burning. Facts like these can help you keep motivated.

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Use the Waiting Time

Be at the bank, ATM, supermarket or at the grocery store we tend to spend a lot of time waiting and while we wait, many of us prefer to sit down and some of us just stand at a place. But have you ever thought about utilizing the waiting time to burn some calories? All you have to do is stay in motion. Move around, climb stairs or if possible you could also try some stretches.

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Re-gain the Lost Track

After spending a long week at work or after returning from a vacation most people discontinue with their workout regime thinking that why bother when I have already lost everything. This is a wrong thing to do. You must recommit to yourself to workout as soon as you can. Even if you cannot start again with the same intensity and duration, you can take it slow. But, skipping should not be an option.

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Do Yoga

Yoga can be the most underrated workout for many people. Many of us do not realize that yoga counts as cardio. Besides, it can strengthen your muscle which makes it count as weight training also. It makes you flexible and techniques like meditation help you have a healthy mind. Even if you manage to do it once a week for 15 to 20 minutes, it will give you flexibility, mental focus and relaxation.

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