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How you Eat Matters More than What you Eat

People spend a lot of time considering their food options and mindfully make right choices. The way you eat is far important that what you eat

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / May 06, 2014

Ways to Eat Better

People spend a lot of time considering their food options and mindfully make right choices. But, they don’t take a moment to consider the way they eat. What good are foods when you find yourself eating on the run? The way you eat is far important to improve your nutrition. (Image source:Getty)

Chew your food

One should eat slowly, savouring each bite. When it comes to eating, the more slowly you do it, the better it is for your weight and for your digestion. Another way of doing it is by cutting your food into smaller pieces. (Image source:Getty)

Don’t eat on the run

Busy work life can often make you think of skipping the meals or eating on the run. When we eat on the run, we are not taking in food that has the right nutritional balance of a meal that we require to optimally regulate our appetite. (Image source:Getty)

Stick to three meals a day

Sometimes, we hear that small regular meals are best for metabolism but more than three meals can throw nutritional balance all over. You must ensure that there is at least 3 hours difference in between your meals to allow your digestive hormones to work their best. (Image source:Getty)

Never skip the morning meal

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. People hurry for work or college and often skip it. A breakfast gives you a head start to your day and makes you more energetic and alert. (Image source:Getty)

Be watchful of sweets

Sure you love chocolate and cookies, but it is better to eat a small piece and savour it rather than have it all. When that sweet tooth calls for a treat, turn to fruits such as apples, grapes and oranges. (Image source:Getty)

Enjoy Festive Foods

You should be too conscious all the time and you shouldn’t when others want you to celebrate with them. Enjoy festive meals without guilt. One day of treat is fine if you intend to return to your more healthful habits at the next meal. (Image source:Getty)

Don’t peel off that skin

Always leave the skin on your fruit. Go ahead and peel oranges but by peeling apples or pears’ skin, you're throwing away heavy-duty nutrients and fibre. Same goes for potatoes. (Image source:Getty)

Find the nutritional balance

You need to stop the calorie obsession and focus more on balancing your nutrients. Your diet should be a mix of whole grains, fruits, meats and vegetables which gives you all the important nutrition from the major foods groups. (Image source:Getty)

When hunger pang strikes

Try not to get too hungry by eating healthy snacks in between the meals every three to four hours. Nuts, fruits, popcorn and salads are some of the excellent snacking options. (Image source:Getty)


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