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How to Woo a Wealthy Woman

Here is what you should do if you want money and love coming from the same lady. Its a magnificent feeling.

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryFeb 27, 2014

Rich Love is Best Love

Life has too many problems already and adding a girl problem is just calling for trouble. People date, every does, some date and get hooked for a life time, while others stumble from person to person until they find the right one. There is also the hopeless lot of people who do not find the right one ever! Then there is you, who would like to sweep all troubles away just by getting the right girl. Your right girl is sweet, bubbly, has a terrific personality, and a figure to die for. But most importantly she is rich. In fact she is so rich that even if she weighed 90 kilograms, she would still be featherweight for your love struck eyes. But how do you woo a wealthy woman?

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The Rich Hang Out

Now if you are looking for rich women you will have to visit places that are frequented by them. You do not have to visit a 5 star hotel or a jet setting club. You can simply spot one at the right places. Visit the mall, go to a fitness centre, or better still hang out at an expensive bar. Look for the Gucci, the Fendi, the Hermes, the Versace and if she smells like Chanel, well you know who to go for.

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Dress Well

Whatever little branded apparel that you have needs to come out now, and they need to come out fast. If you are hitting on a wealthy woman you ought to make sure that you have the panache and the style and the clothes to match it all. If you do not have an expensive phone, then get one; if you cannot afford one then borrow one. But whatever the case is, the point is that you need to match the class. Try white, it says, rich!

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Be Confident & Smart

These are simply the old school thoughts re-heated on a new platter. Confidence and a smart attitude come a long way for everyone and you have to be that man in order to get that woman. You have to understand that she has been to high places and have met all sorts of good looking, rich and handsome men, men who have the world at their feet with sheer confidence. You have to be that man for a few hours.

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Act Important

You are not going to be noticed if you decide to disappear in the crowd. The most important thing is to get noticed and this can happen if you act important. The act of importance is the key to getting noticed. Try at just wave at some random guy and act like you know him if you are at an expensive bar, or just make the waiter a bait because no matter how weird you act with them they will never be rude. So pat and waiter and ask him how he is doing! It shows you are a regular there.

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Get Started

Now this is the part where you are to be careful, because here is where you start to play your charms, and of you stutter and fumble then forget it bro. If you are sure that there has been some eye contact and a sort of connection between you and her then go ahead and start talking. But you have to make sure that you do not leave your charms behind. Talk interesting things with her; show her the other side of her rich world through interesting conversation and anecdotes. Talk about books, French movies, and paintings, talk rich.

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Let her Chase you

Now on all honesty, you cannot possibly chase her. Because you have to woo her, and she has probably been wooed with a platinum ring or expensive trip to a foreign country and therefore, you stand nowhere. So, you should let her do the chase once you have caught her interest. Remember, she is rich. She can woo you in 100 different ways, and you have to simply enjoy it. But for this you need to be a real charmer from the very first. You will see that the fish has walked in to your bait.

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The Trick

The trick of getting her hooked to you is simple. You need to be extraordinarily good in bed, and that is the only way. You cannot possibly get her hooked on to you with the contents of your wallet or the very miserable bank account statement. Therefore, you need to play THE MAN for her. You have to be charming, cute, smart, and handsome and above all a terrific man in bed. These attributes can get you hooked to a wealthy woman who needs some fun time. Therefore, make sure that she takes you to her pad for sweet love very soon.

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Educate Yourself

Now wealthy people always have overpriced education. Their life begins at expensive international schools or convents and then they move on to big universities. Sorbonne and Harvard have always been part of their ancestry, so you need to make sure that you are at least aware about the current times. Also, learn manners and etiquettes, and table manners so that you do not feel embarrassed doing the wrong things when dinning! So, know and understand the ways of the world and you can certainly never fall short in front of her.

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Be Emotionally Available

Now rich people have a lot of emotional issues to deal with, and that is the absolute truth. You can get noticed if you are emotionally available for her. Think of it this way; in her mind she is that damsel who has everything and yet nothing. You can fill up that void in every sense. By being there for her you will make her feel especial and will give her that stability which her money cannot. She will taste a different side of life and you will help her with that. It is pretty easy, just be compassionate and helpful!

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Simple and Fun Things

Now truth be told, you cannot make her happy by taking her out on lunch dates and dinner dates, because she has seen the best. So how can you please her? You have to make her have fun! Take her to the fun and simple side of life. Go out on a rainy day with her for a walk, take her to a drive in Movie Theater, take her to the local pub where things go crazy by midnight, and make her feel free and relaxed. There is something very impressive about it all, and you can be the one to show her all the fun things! Create memories for her!

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