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How to Use a Beauty Blender

Ever since the beauty blender was launched, it rose to fame in the makeup world.But what is it about the beauty blender that made it so trendy so quickly?

Fashion & Beauty By Arushi Bidhuri / Jan 18, 2019

Beauty Blender Magic

Ever since the beauty blender was launched, it rose to fame in the makeup world. But what is it about the beauty blender that made it so trendy so quickly? It is a simple egged shape sponge used to apply makeup that gives a more concentrated application. It also is great at absorbing liquid products so you don’t have to be afraid of that cakey-looking foundation anymore. 

Wet the Beauty Blender before Using

Have you been using the beauty blender dry? Then you should stop. A dry beauty blender will never give you a dewy finish, whereas a wet beauty blender would. When you wet a beauty blender, the makeup is not soaked up, allowing a picture-perfect application. 

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Use All the Sides of the Beauty Blender

You don’t have to stick to one side to apply everything. You can use the rounded edges to apply makeup on your cheeks and forehead. Use the pointed edge for the corners of your eyes or the areas which are hard to reach. Blend it well with using the same beauty blender.

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Do not Drag, Stipple it

Dragging the beauty blender will not give you a nice look. You need o use stippling motion – patting to deposit the makeup onto the skin and blend it out. It gives you a better finish and gives you better coverage. 


Helps Correct Mistakes

One of the best thing about a beauty blender is it can also save you from making any major mistakes. If you have too much of blush on your face, then all you need to do is use a dry blender to soften the blush out. It can also with any eyeshadow fall-outs.

Keep it Clean

In order to use it again, you have to clean it after each application. The best way to clean it is to dip it in lukewarm water; this will help kill the germs and bacteria that might build up. Dry it properly and do not store it until its totally dry.

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