How to tell if you have diabetes

Jul 16, 2013

  • 1

    Type 2 Diabetes symptoms

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that has symptoms common to minor ailments, making it hard to tell if it was diabetes causing the symptoms. However, ample knowledge of these symptoms can help you guess if you have diabetes or not.


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    Feeling thirsty

    Frequent and increased thirst, throughout the day, is a common type of high blood sugar level. People with high glucose levels feel thirsty more frequently than other people. This is not a major symptom, but it can surely hint towards diabetes.

  • 3

    Urinating frequently

    Frequent urge to urinate, particularly at night, is another sign of possible high glucose levels. If you get up to pee several times at night and this goes on every day, then you must visit your doctor and get your blood sugar checked.

  • 4

    Weight loss

    The most striking symptom of diabetes is sudden weight loss. Although, the weight loss could be gradual and may not seem to be a problem, it should be taken very seriously.


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    Type 1 Symptoms

    Since Type 1 diabetes involves inefficient production of insulin, as compared to inefficient use (despite efficient production) of insulin by the body in Type 2, the type 1 diabetes has some more symptoms along with the symptoms found in type 2.

  • 6

    Yeast infection

    Itching or regular bouts of thrush around the vagina or member could possibly be due to diabetes. A person experiencing these problems should quickly consult the doctor.

  • 7

    Blurred vision

    Diabetes affects the cells in the retina causing blurred vision. This symptom if followed with others almost confirms high blood sugar levels. Visiting the doctor quickly is highly recommended.