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How to Show a Woman that you Care

Here are some ways in which you can make your lady feel special. Show her that you care!

Dating By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 08, 2014

To Care for Her

Men are always torn apart in their romantic relationships because of their apparent insensitivity and carelessness towards their partner. The problem with men is that they do not realise how giving attention to the smallest of things can go a long way in ensuring a peaceful relationship. The very fact that you are in a relationship means that you need to put extra care into knowing what your woman is feeling and what she’s expecting from the relationship. No, you do not have to wait on your lady head and foot, but increase your attention span on matters that concern her. If you want to improve the emotional quotient of your relationship, step ahead and move to the ends of the earth to make your lady know that you care. Here are some quickies.

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When you are with her… be Chivalrous

Women love chivalrous men and it definitely a turn off for them to see someone who reiterates the adage “chivalry is dead”. You could open the car door for her, help her put the seat belt, bring her food or buy her a bottle of water when she is thirsty. When you do such small acts of chivalry, she will appreciate it and want to return the favour several folds.

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Hold her hand

Holding hands when you are out with her may seem mundane, but it means a lot for her. By holding hands you are telling the world that you two are together and that, for any woman, is a blissful visual.

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Pay her a Compliment

Whether it is your mother, sister of girlfriend, paying the woman in your life a compliment by telling her how much you love the new pair of heels she’s got or the new haircut that she’s donning will put a smile on her face. The compliment will reassure her that you care about the small things that she does.

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Go on a Vacation

Get an all-paid trip planned for her and take her to a place of her choice; that would put stars in her eyes when she finds out how much you care about her need to rejuvenate. If you are taking your mother out, she would be many folds proud of you.

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When you are away from her…Make a Call or write an e-mail for no reason

Picking the phone and dialing her number in the middle of the day just to find out how she is doing or how her day is going will work wonders in putting a smile on her face. You could also write an e-mail expressing how much you miss her, etc to brighten her day.

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Surprise her

This can work well if you live in another part of the country. You could show up unannounced at home and take your mom by surprise or show up at your girlfriend’s workplace for lunch. Just make sure that she is not too busy to ruin your surprise.

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Send her a gift or flowers

Women love flowers and though sending them a bunch may seem clichéd, they still do work wonders. Whatever it is that you choose to send, it is the thought that matters and not really what you sent.

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Plan an evening out

Women love it when their son, husband, boyfriend or brother takes the initiative to make them happy. So, when the time is right i.e. when the lady in your life has time to break bread with you, plan an outing from scratch. Have her picked up in a lavish car if that suits your budget and bring her to a new restaurant that she has been talking of hoping to eat at some time.

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Take time out to Care

There is no need for you to wait for a bad day to make up for it and do something nice for all the women in your life. The little acts of passion will buy you a ticket to happy days in the future. So, go ahead and show her that you care.

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