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How to Reduce Sugar Intake Effortlessly

Consumption of too much sugar puts you at a higher risk of various diseases. It can trigger heart diseases, obesity, acne, diabetes, depression and dental problems. You consume a lot of sugar unknowingly. It is also hard for someone with a sweet toot

Healthy Diet By Varsha Vats / Mar 25, 2019

Watch what you drink

Your drink can contribute to huge consumption of sugar unknowingly. Most drinks like carbonated soda are leaded with sugar. Not just soft drinks even packed juices are loaded with sugar. You should choose your drink wisely. Drink more herbal teas, lime fresh water, coconut water or just simple water to stay hydrated without consuming extra sugar.

Read labels

Most of the processed foods contain sugar. To avoid this you should read labels of foods and compare them. Avoid purchase of food with added sugar. All you need to do is choose the best option keeping your health as priority.

Skip the dessert

Dessert might be your favourite part of dinner but it is loaded with sugar and calories. You should remove dessert from your menu frequently. Fix your days and consume dessert on specific says. It will also help you control your cravings. Give sweets break fir a few days and later select a cheat day and eat dessert only on that specific day. Also make sure that you do not over consume dessert on your cheat day.

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Keep the right snack

If you store snacks loaded with sugar in your house then you are more likely to indulge in sweet treats. Do not keep candies, chocolates or cookies handy. Store more healthy snacking options to cut on your sugar intake. It will also keep you healthy and fit. Also make sure that the snacks you chose are low in calories and not processed.

Get enough sleep

Your sleeping pattern can affect your diet as well. If you do not sleep properly you are more likely to consume more calories. Inadequate sleep leads to obesity as it triggers hunger. It also increases cravings for sugary items. When you are hungry at midnight you are more likely to eat more sugar loaded items. So make sure that you sleep properly for the required 8 hours.

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