How to Reduce Stress during Exams

Jan 28, 2014

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    Stress is one of the most common problems these days and unfortunately we often fail to handle it properly. It can derive us to perform better or, on the contrary, it can hamper our performance which makes stress management even more important during exams.


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    Enjoy your Break

    One of the common reasons behind stress is the monotonous schedule and hectic exam time preparation. Studying for too long can increase the stress. Taking a short break every couple hours will allow you to keep the stress levels low.

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    Another fun and effective way to release stress during exams is to do some simple physical activities like gardening, cycling and jogging will help you feel better and lower your stress levels.

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    Your legs may feel stressed after studying fir long hours because of the lymphatic fluid collected in the legs. Swimming keeps your body fit and relaxed, proving to be an easy way to manage your stress. If you feel stressed after sitting in your chair for long, go for a swim to release the stress.

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    Sleep Well

    Studying late accompanied by all night’s study sessions can worsen the exam stress even more difficult to manage. Rest and ample sleep are very important for better stress management during exams. One should get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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    We often get anxious about our exams and tend to breathe shallow which makes us feel stressed.   Try to take deep and controlled breaths to feel better. Once the breathing gets back to normal, you will feel your stress level to lower gradually. You can now continue your study.

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    Medication is another fun way to manage stress during exams. A West Virginia University study states that people who meditated for sometime experience less stress during that period. Take some time to meditate during exams.

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    Enjoy your Favorite Drink

    Another easy way to beat your stress is to cut on your cups of coffee and go for that healthy drink that you like the most. Caffeine increases adrenaline in the body, thus prolonging the feeling of stress or even making it worse. Avoid coffee and take your favorite drink to your study table.

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    Share your Problems

    One of the simplest and most effective ways to manage your stress is to share your problems with someone close to you. Sharing problems with family or friends can help you solve the problems easily as well as beat the stress.

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    If your play a sport regularly, you should not quit it during exam time. Sports can be very helpful for your fitness as well as your stress management during exams. A couple of games of tennis or a game of soccer daily will keep you active and fit.

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    Professional Sessions

    It is always good to seek help from a psychologist or a counselor for your stress management. It will solve your problem quickly during exam so that you can concentrate on your studies.