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How to Pamper a Woman

Pampering a woman is the best way to give her back and to show her your love and care. Here are top 10 ways to pamper your woman.

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 08, 2014

Pamper her now!

A woman needs to be pampered. No matter how many slogans they shout regarding “equal rights” and “liberty and freedom”, finally they would like to come back home to their men and demand love. This love isn’t any sort of love, it is the kind of love that you as a man need to exhibit in the form of blood, sweat, money and time, basically everything you have got. Bring it on! Because, this modern, free loving, right seeking, feminist ideology bent woman of yours is looking for someone to pamper her. Before you fall off your seat laughing you must sit up straight lest she finds out what you are reading! Here are ten ways in which you can pamper your woman.

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Make the Bed

After your woman decides to come back home from her work, or even if she is a housewife you could do your bit by changing the sheets at night and making the bed. Your pamper-seeking woman would definitely love this; no one likes to make beds at the end of the day after all. But starting today you do! You love to change bed sheets and make bed for a good night’s sleep.

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Take her on a Vacation

Well truth be told, both you need a vacation so get to it already. The pampering bit comes in when you go someplace where your woman always wanted to go to. Forget your preferences for once and stick to your lady’s plan, she would love that. When you go there, do not be a miser and let her have the time of her life, she will forever remember the trip!

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Spa for Her

You could send her over for a spa treatment for the day! Women love such things; you know those that are very expensive, so your woman would love it. There are a range of services that spas offer from massages to facials to reiki. She can go to a spa and forget all about her problems and can relax at a spa. She would be a happy and content woman when she gets back.

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Give her a Foot Massage

You can bring the salon experience at home by giving her a foot massage. Use a footbath in a tub of warm water, and then slice a lime as it removes all the dead skin and rub her feet with it. Also use a scrub to rub her calves and exfoliate her skin and after wiping off the scrub you should finish the treatment with a body lotion. Then finally massage her foot nice and slow. She would love it.

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Breakfast in Bed

Why should women do all the cooking! Wake up one fine day and cook breakfast for your woman and serve it in bed, this could be one of the most thoughtful things to do. Do not let her catch you, as that would spoil the surprise. Make sure that she does not hear anything and make it quiet. Add a flower or two on the tray and take it over to the bedroom and wake her up. You will be showered with kisses.

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Do some of her Work

No matter what work it is, try and hand and complete it for her. Ask her to take a day off from all the household working and do them yourselves, this is to show her that you care. If she has some pending work at office then you could burn the midnight oil one fine day and do it for her without letting her know, she would be in a sweet surprise when she wakes up!

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Bubble Bath

You could create a set up for her to indulge in some pampering. This is done by drawing up a warm bath for her. Set the mood by lighting scented candles on the countertop and float rose petals on the bath and also use a matching scented bubble bath. Also bring her an eye mask for her to relax.

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Be there for her

One of the best ways to pamper her is to be by her side all the time. Take her where she has to go, bring her back from that place, give her food when she is hungry; love her when she wants love. Yes, go figure this by yourself, but it will surely make her very happy and she will be yours forever. You have to strive to keep a relationship, and the best way is to be there for her.

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Take Care of the Kids

Now your wife must be taking care of the kids every hour of every day, and you can help her by giving her an off. Ask her to go out with her friends and have a nice time. This can be of great stress buster for her.

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Remember what she Wanted

You could try and get her something that she once had wanted. Women are often saying that they want something upon seeing it, something that they desire. You could get her that out of the blue, one fine day! She would love to know that you remembered what she once wanted and this act would go down very well in her good books.

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