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How to Make Your Man Feel Special

Your man is just another human being wanting to know that he is safe, that he is appreciated and loved for who he is, that he is welcome and wanted on this planet to share his gifts and give his own love to his woman. Here is how you can make your ma

Dating By Ariba Khaliq / Dec 02, 2014

The Heart of a Man

Talking of relationships, men and women might want the same things from them- just the ways of wanting and needing those things differ. Men take love and respect to be synonyms and weigh them the same but how women show love and respect to their man may not always fall in line with what we women expect from our mate. The heart of a man accepts and cherishes small gestures and yields great love in return. Here are some simple practices that you can apply to breathe fresh air into your relationship. They will help you in letting him know that you love and appreciate him just the way he is.

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Compliment Him

If you man has a killer smile, smashing washboard abs, strong arms, great hair, or a cute nose, whatever you like about him, compliment him for it. Men like compliments too! And you know how great it feels when he pays you sincere compliments, so why not let him feel great too. Let him know if you like his dressing sense, or the way he walks, or how attractive he looks in a certain shirt. Say things specific to him, may be unexpected, that draw you to him and let him feel special that you only have eyes for him. Giving him three genuine compliments every day will keep him on Cloud 9 for weeks.

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Make Him Feel Needed

Men like to feel useful- it could be about fixing the kitchen sink, changing the light bulb, advice on talking to your boss about an appraisal, or planning the get-together dinner menu. Don’t suffocate him with chores but ask him for help when you need it and that makes him feel needed. Most men may shy away from “independent” women because the latter sometimes send a message that they don’t “need” a man. But being self sufficient doesn’t mean the men in our lives serve no purpose, so let your man be a man and thank him for all that he does on a daily basis.

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Stroke his Ego in the Bedroom

He may not be the best lover you’ve ever had, but make him feel as if he is. Men can be very touchy when it comes to their sexual art, and they take it as serious business to please their woman. Tell him how sexually attracted you are to him, how he turns you on, and what you love about his body and his moves. Send him a text saying you can’t wait to get home to him and turn him out, and get ready. He’ll be so turned up you’ll need all your energy to handle the monster you’ve created!

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Praise his Accomplishments

Men are proud of their career and place a certain value on the level of success they’ve achieved. Most men see success directly to their manhood, and their work gives them a sense of purpose. They may share their success with you in order to impress you and to let you know that they are capable of providing a future for you both. Be his cheerleader, the biggest one at that, and admire and respect him like he seeks and deserves.

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Indulge with Him in His Hobbies and Interests

All work and no play can make any man a dull boy so you both should do what he likes to do. Some women don’t care about video games or finance issues, but it wouldn’t kill you to sit with him while he’s watching the game and ask questions about the financial plans he had been investigating. Your man will be delighted that his woman is interested in something he enjoys, and he will feel special that you have an interest in HIS interests.

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Laugh at His Jokes

A great sense of humour is an attractive attribute in women and men love women who enjoy their jokes. They again tie their sense of humour with their egos, so if you show your man that you get their jokes, and actually think they’re funny, it’s a sign of approval and validation in a fun way. Appreciating a man’s sense of humour can mean that you understand him, and that creates a connection.

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Cater to Him

If your man has had a hard day at work or is stressed out, give him a nice massage. Arrange for him a warm bath or prepare his favourite food for him. Being there and caring for your man can simply mean not crowding him as soon as he walks in the door, giving him time to unwind before you launch into a speech about how your day was or what needs to get done around the house. Sometimes just being there even when he doesn’t feel like talking is all that he needs you to do. Don’t fight over the remote, let him kick his feet up and be quiet. When he’s ready to talk, ask him how his day was and listen.

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