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How to make 100% natural make-up at home

Sometimes make-up does not only beautify your outer self but also, boosts your self-confidence but do you know how bad make-up can be for the your skin, if used in an excessive manner? Yes, too frequent application of beauty products can damage your

Fashion & Beauty By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 08, 2017

How to make foundation at home

Take some Arrowroot powder and add cocoa powder, nutmeg powder and cinnamon powder. Decide the amount of all three based on your preference of tone. Add a few drops of jojoba oil until you get the desired consistency, you can also try almond or olive oil if you have a dry skin. Store this homemade compact foundation in a small container or bottle.

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How to make eyeliner/kajal at home

Take a few almonds and burn them until the almond has turned charcoal-ish black. Now, powder these burnt almonds. Grind them until you get a fine texture. Mix it some almond or jojoba oil and almond oil and apply kajal with a thin kajal brush.

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How to make lipstick at home

Take a small pan and melt beeswax, after it melts, add coconut oil and cocoa butter. Mix all three well. Now, for colour you can add beetroot (If you want reddish colour), cocoa powder or coffee powder and turmeric (If you want brownish hues). You can add ½ spoon of bentonite clay if you want matte effect. Add your choice of essential oil for fragrance. Remove from heat when all mixed well. You can store in a lip balm container.

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How to make blush at home

Just like compact foundation, take half spoon of arrowroot powder and add half spoon of hibiscus powder for a pinkish hue. You can play around the amount of hibiscus for desired tone. Just use it as it is by storing it in a small jar.

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