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How to make facial hair grow

For many, facial hair is a symbol of manhood. Even if you are not gifted with enough hair growth the way others are, here’s how to give yourself a chance.

Fashion & Beauty By Himanshu SharmaNov 05, 2015

Clean it all

The first step is to get a clean shave as that is a foundation for healthy and consistent hair growth. Shave properly by steaming the pores, using sharp blades and hot water. Thereafter, use a razor to shave instead of an electric trimmer.

Moisturize and exfoliate

These two are keys to encourage growth of facial hair. The best way to moisturise when you have a beard is to run the moisturiser upwards through your facial hair to get it close to the skin and then pull it out using your fingers. Finish by combing hair into shape.

Give your hair time

“Shave regularly for more hair” is a myth! Don't shave your facial hair on a daily basis. It takes time for follicle stimulation to encourage more hair to grow.


You can stimulate the hair follicles of your face with a good massage. Massage your face 10 minutes a day with amla or eucalyptus oil to make facial hair grow faster.

Eat more vitamins

You need to eat a well-rounded diet, and especially lots of vitamin-rich foods to make your facial hair grow faster. Eating more carrot, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, chicken, beef, fish, cereals, beans and nuts promotes hair growth.

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