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How to Hook up with the woman of your dreams

Men dream of the perfect woman but never do enough to woo them. Here are ten steps to get you hooked up with the girl of your dreams.

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / May 22, 2014

The Dream Girl

Every man dreams of a woman, and every woman dreams of a man, it is the law of nature. Now for men it is not very easy, because frankly speaking men do all the chasing, and most times women play hard to get. You may notice the girl of your dreams at a cafe, she could be your neighbour, your office colleague, your friend from high school, or the lady you often see at the bus stop. She just does not seem to leave your mind and she has taken up most of your thoughts. How do you hook up with this girl of your dreams?

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There is nothing as attractive as a confident man. A confident man is a charming man, and this is always the first step for wooing the girl of your dreams. You need to exhibit confidence whenever you get a chance to do so around her. Every little thing that you say or do can make you an attractive person, you do not really have to be dressed like a superstar, you have to have the panache of a superstar.

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The Fine Line

You need to draw a fine line between being mysterious and being open. You cannot make your life an open book infront of women, and remember that women are curious. You have to call her towards you and make her ask you about yourself. You will say what your interests are but you would not be specific, you will say what you do but do not give your entire day's work report. Just give out information one at a time and only so much so that she wants to know more.

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Be Smart

Now no one is asking you to look like you are walking the ramp of Milan Fashion Week, but you just need to have some decent clothes on. Wear something that is clean and tidy, if you are going out on a date with this woman then make sure to wear shoes and not flip flops. Also, you should smell good as women like a man who smells nice. Above all, remember to have a well combed hair, a gentleman is what ladies seek! If it is cold then you should throw on a leather jacket, it looks nice.

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Do not Lie

The thing about lying is that when you want to start a relationship it does not really help. You call her the girl of your dreams and we are guessing that you would like to spend your life with your "dream girl". Do you really want to give her a different perspective about you and basically be untruthful to her? Whatever you do, do not lie, as there is nothing like baring your soul to the girl of your dreams.

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Approach Her

If you want to hook up with the so called "girl of your dreams" then it must be kept in mind that you have to get your approach strategy right. Do not come accross as a playboy, be confident about your approach but not in any vulgar way. Be sure that you have all the approach tactics by your side, and then work on one. The best one still is the ever simple, "hello", it shows that you are not a complete idiot to say some cheesy lines!

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Bring out Common Grounds

You need to bring forth the common factors that put the two of you on the same ground. You must understand that when two people meet you have to have certain common threads. These common factors make you interesting and you will strike well with your dream girl. Music, books, hobbies, cinema, a sort of weird fetish, anything would do!

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Do not go Over the Top about her Looks

Yes we know how you see her as the epitome of beauty, but go easy on complimenting her on her looks during your first few meets. Try and get to know her and understand her intellect before plunging on to her looks and her figure. Every Tom, Dick and Harry would give her endless compliments on her looks, but you are different, so act like one!

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Ask her for Date

Do not ask her whether you can buy her a drink or no, instead ask her out on a date, plain and simple. Asking her for a drink is casual, asking her for a date is more serious, it means that you mean something. You wouldn't want the girl of your dreams to think that you just want to get laid with her, so ask her for a date, it is harmless, it is good!

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Hide your Feelings

You cannot tell her that you love her on the first date, not even on the second date. You can tell her you love her only much later when you are sure that she likes you too. So, hide your feelings away and let it move on. Take it slow and build on the entire thing. Make her feel special from time to time, but do not show any indication that you want her, keep a safe distance.

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Take your Time

Call her after your first date, but take some time before you do so. Do not call her just the next day or in two days, call her after a week to check on her, and then ask her out again but only after talking for sometime in a casual manner. Also, you should go do something different and something more unintentionally intimate this time.

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