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How to have healthy and beautiful nails naturally

Who doesn’t like shiny and stunning looking nails? Nails that looks gorgeous, with or without nail paint. You should know one thing; nails that are healthy will look beautiful. Though, getting healthy and beautiful nails is one tough assignment. Her

Skin Care By Namrata Dutta / Feb 12, 2016

Do not bite your nails

Well, it is very common. People bite or pick their nails and this is something people should not be doing. Biting or picking nails make your nail fragile and eventually they break.

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Save your nails from water

While doing dishes or washing clothes, wear rubber gloves because constant contact with water can make nails weaker, turning them fragile. If nails are submerged in water more often, they actually might get wet and tear easily along with losing natural shine. Working with rubber gloves  will save your nails from getting wet.

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Do not use harsh chemicals

Making use of harsh chemicals like nail paints containing touluene, formaldehyde resin and formaldehyde can make your nails fragile. Getting nail treatments from spas and parlors might give you beautiful nails but might not be good for health of nails.

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A healthy diet

Maintain a healthy diet, to have healthy nails from within. Manicure and nail polishes can make your nails beautiful but a diet enriched with right amount of every essential can give you healthy and shiny nails.

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Oil massage

You can massage your nails with a couple of drops of almond oil at night, before going to bed to give your nails, much needed nourishment, providing your nails with the desired shine and health. Oil massage improves the blood circulation in your hand and nails, turning your nails more beautiful.

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Always keep your hands and your cuticles moisturized. Moisturizing hands is not just a process of beautifying your hands but it gives your hand and nails the required moisture and keep skin of your hands the beauty you desire.

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Length of nails

Grow your nails out but do not outgrow them to a length where you are able to take care of them.

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Your nails are not tools

Many a time, people use their nails as their tools, like pulling out pins, ripping mails and opening boxes, which also lead your nails to become weak.

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