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How to have a Sound Sleep Next to a Snorer

Snoring is a common problem and it is more of a problem for the one sleeping next to the snorer. They are the ones losing their sleep. Here are ways to have a sound sleep next to a snorer.

Other Diseases By Ariba Khaliq / Nov 20, 2014

“My Husband snores Louder than a Lawnmower”

Sleeping with a snorer can take a toll on your health. If your partner snores, you may suffer from high levels of fatigue and sleepiness and may put you at a greater risk for hearing loss. Partners of snorers may have to sacrifice their sleep for up to two hours every night, which equates to two years' lost sleep over the course of an average marriage! If you have to cope with someone’s snoring every night, motivate them to take steps to stop.

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Find White Noise

White noise is neutral sound which blankets all wavelengths. This can dull our perception of sounds like snoring, making it easier to sleep with the noise. Sometimes a consistent tone such as that of rain, wind blowing, and static is better than tones that vary in pitch/volume like breaking waves, and storms. You could use a fan to create white noise and concentrate on its sound to ignore the sound of snores.

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Listen to Music

Music anyways helps you relax and fall asleep better. Listen to gentle, calming music to drown out the sound of your partner’s snores. If you're used to falling asleep to silence, this will be difficult at first, but your body will eventually adapt to the noise and even associate that music with sleepiness. Remember to use headphones to not wake your partner up.

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Use Earplugs

Earplugs are a classic but efficient option to sleep better next to a snorer. Custom shaped earplugs can be more comfortable than store bought and many audiologists provide this service. If it's late and you're tight on options, you can make muffle some cotton balls and make them work as temporary earplugs.

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Employ a Sleeping Aide

A lot of over-the-counter medications can knock you out at the time of a battle with your companion’s snores. If your situation is really desperate, you could find resort in prescription medicines. Talk to your doctor about the best over-the-counter and prescription medicines for your situation and body.

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Get Snoring Evaluated

If your partner is disrupting your sleep, they should seek some type of sleep therapy solution. Sometimes, the cause for their snoring could be a medical problem, such as obstructed airway or sleep apnoea. These problems, if left untreated, can cause damage to the body over time since the body is deprived of restful sleep and oxygen.

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Roll the Person onto Their Side

If your partner sleeps on their back, roll them onto their side; people tend to snore less in this position. If possible, make it so that they're at the edge of the bed, facing away from you. Put some pillows snugly against their back so that they don't roll back onto their back.

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Wake Them Up

Wake up your partner just slightly and slide another pillow under their head. The angle can help them to stop snoring, especially if the snoring is settled in obesity or nasal congestion.

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