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Bettering the Bad Sex

If you are tired of pathetic sex life and do not know how to make it better then here are some tips for you.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 12, 2014

The Bad Sex Curse Ends!

What? You don’t say! Is your sex life really that bad and you don’t know how to handle it? We are pretty sure that things run dry after the initial hot start, you sure do start it off with good intentions but it just does not lead to the right thing. If you feel like sleeping off every time your partner is on you trying tricks of foreplay, or if the entire game finishes before you even get the feel of it, then we are here to turn things around. Some of the tips here may be a little unconventional, but hey, who told you that conventional sex is the best?

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Wait for it!

If you do not have to catch the next train home then wait for it to come to you, do not jump forward trying to grab it. Having sex is not a let’s take a leap of faith and see what happens next. It is sheer passion and the mood needs to be right. Before you actually get to it, do the foreplay and touch each other lightly, venture close to the genitals but do not touch there unless you cannot take it anymore.

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Slow Down

This bit of advice is for men who always fear that they might finish early and ruin the woman’s experience. The remedy for you is simple, masturbate and practice. When you masturbate you should be mindful of what it is that tickles your fancy and lets it all out. Recognise this factor and then when you are at it for real you will know and change your course of action. Also, do not get used to the high speed masturbation as you will find it very difficult when you are doing the real thing.

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It’s not Just Intercourse

No, a person who knows what sex is all about does not just go for the inevitable; he or she will do everything else with equal importance. The fact is that intercourse is only an option for you; there are so many other ways to go about things. You could watch your partner masturbate, you could use sex toys, and you could rub your genitals at some parts of your partner’s body. Just take it slow and explore each other, do not have such a narrow attitude towards sex!

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Oral Exchanges

Now good sex is void of any inhibitions, and you need to get this into your head. Girls much like guys also like to get oral pleasure, and this is why guys should return the favour after their ladies do it for them. You need to have your animal instincts out and let go of everything that is holding you back when you are at it. Remember, great sex is always that sex where you get lost into each other and you look out to give each other pleasure.

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Catch off Guard

You need to catch each other off guard and this will get your partner thrilled. Your hands may be magical and everything, but the same thing over and over again can make things boring and sooner or later your partner will be tired of it. Your woman should anticipate what you are going to do next and she will surely get more thrilled than you can imagine. You should change your positions more often so that she gets a different feeling each time.

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Tease your Partner

When you tease your partner you make them go mad and all they can think of is you and your body. So, tease your partner and make him or her wait for it until it gets unbearable. You could do this by letting your partner know that you will have sex tonight and when then you can expect him or her to fantasize about it for the entire day. Finally when you meet each other you will know what we are talking about.

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Change the Rhythm

This one is strictly for guys who have complaining partners. When you are at it make sure that you change your motion because a long drawn monotonous one would be just so boring and bad for her. Start with thrusts that are not so deep and then go deeper, and always change your speed, take your time and see what makes her react.

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Don’t Over Think

Most times it has been found that guys are very conscious about what they do in bed with a woman who they are dating. They think ten times before doing something because they wonder if the woman would like that or not! Sometimes when guys are having sex with girls who are in it for fun they tend to be more adventurous, but some other times they think that this girl needs to be respected and so I will not do crazy stuff with her! Oh, how wrong! The girl may be thinking, is he always this boring?

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Have a Talk

Isn’t it surprising how nations come to be at peace with each other by having talks? You can bring in a lot of change just by talking, and talking is very necessary. You know, to think of it this entire topics can be an open and shut case if you simply talk to your partner about it. Ask each other about your likes and dislikes and follow the rules. It is as simple as that! Do what your partner likes; do not do what you partner does not like!

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Change Partners

If nothing works then you may as well change partners, because for all we know even a three year course on good sex would not help your partner. But in all honesty, do try your best to work things out at first.

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