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How to Greet a Girl

Your handbook for greeting women in accordance to the time and the place and the kind of relationship you share with her!

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryApr 03, 2014

On Greeting Women

Most times men are confused about how to greet a woman. Should they just simply reach out and hug, or shake hands from afar, or simply wave their hands? Well, there are many ways to greet a woman and much of this depends on your closeness to the person. Here are some ways in which you can greet a woman.

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The Hand Shake

The hand shake is a formal way of greeting someone. Therefore this could be good for you to greet the girl whom you do not know so well. When someone introduces you to a girl, you could simply shake hands! It is nice. But remember not to crush her hands, just be easy.

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The Shy Wave

This is for the those people who are too shy for their own good. If you are hesitant to even shake a girl's hand then you could simply give a hesitating wave. But you could be touted as a werido for all you know, so be careful.

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The Hug

This could be a little awkward for those you do not know, but for friends and the rest it is great! This is a polite and nice way to greet a woman, but make sure you do not get cozy while doing so. Be careful.

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The Simple Approach

This is for those who are trying to keep things simple, there is nothing like the simple and casual way of greeting someone. Just walk up to the girl and smile at her, then ask her, "Hi, how are you?". Make sure you have moderated your voice to give it a friendly tone. Such an introduction will put the girl at ease.

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The Passive Approach

This is for the gentleman who likes to play it smooth. Like at a concert you would walk up to a girl and tell her, "This song is so beautiful, don't you think so?". Or a more helpful and outwardly sign could be an offer for help, "Do you need some help with that?". There is always room for those who have the trait of a gentleman.

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The Straight Approach

This style of greeting is for men who are very confident, those who are like Romeo, this is the one wherein you show that you mean business. You could simply tell her, "I think you are beautiful, what is your name?". But this requires a lot of gaul and well, good looks or a charming attitude!

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The Funny Approach

This requires you to be at the top of the game, you need to have things planned. Once you meet someone whom you know fairly well, tell her a funny story. "You know I just remembered something...", and then you could wait for the magic to work! Your story needs to be funny as well as interesting.

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The Hand Kiss

This is the perfect gentlemanly thing to do, but there is a catch. It is only initiated by the person who is receiving the greeting by holding out their hand with the palm facinf downward. At this point you are to bow down and kiss her hand in a polite manner.

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Eye Contact

It is very important that you have eye contact with the person whom you are greeting. When you see this person from afar make sure you look at her and walk with great confidence towards her, all the while maintaining the eye contact.

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Smile Please

It is very important that you smile at the person whom you are going to greet. Without a smile it looks like you are being forced to greet and meet her, so be polite and always remember to smile! Even if you do not feel like it, just force one out.

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