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How to get a Better Memory

Memory fails most of us, but certain small changes can make a big difference to the capacity of mind and its power to retain memory.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 14, 2014

A Guide to Better Memory

Memory is an intriguing machine in the human brain; it is a machine because it is working endlessly. Your mind holds some memories while deleting others and that is the sad story about human lives. Memories are important for human beings, there is a certain pleasure in thinking about things of the past, and it is romantic. What could you do to better your memory, so that you do not forget the small details of yester year and the terrific heartache from a decade ago? Interestingly, studies say that it takes eight minutes for us to commit something to our memory.

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Pay Attention

This is one good way to remember things. If you pay close attention to whatever that is you are doing then you can very easily remember it. By paying proper attention to a certain thing you are helping a short term memory to convert into a long term memory. Look closely at it and try to hold it in your mind.

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Use Mnemonic Devices

This method would help you remember by associating a certain thing to that what you want to remember. Let us say if you want to remember Adolf Hitler with World War 2 then just associate him with the number two and that is how you can remember it the next time. Similarly, associate that which you want to remember with something common and you will find it easy.

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Get enough Sleep

Almost everyone at some point of time did stay up the entire night in a bid to finish their syllabus before facing the dreaded question paper in the morning. But that never helped because studies have found that the process your brain goes through while you are asleep actually helps you to remember things. By staying up all night your brain cannot go through the process to remember all the important things.

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Visualise and Store

This is a weird concept but none the less works out very well indeed. If you want to remember something then visualise it, make a story out of it in your mind and store it there. When you store this you tend to remember this image every time you are trying to remember it. You will find that by visualizing and remembering things you are also making it a fun thing!

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Do not Multitask

It is amazing how we manage to multitask but the truth is that it affects our thinking power. You know how most times you forget where you might have kept your keys? That is because you were multitasking while doing it, and therefore you did not pay attention to it. When you are doing one thing that is important stick to it, and therefore you should just do one thing at a time.

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Play Brain Games

Playing puzzles like Sudoku and crosswords can help to improve your memory to a great extent and it also delays the declining process of brain. It is believed that playing such puzzles synapses in the whole brain and this includes the memory areas. But studies have found that while doing such crossword puzzles you can remember more complex things may be, like the capital of a country, there is doubt whether this would help you to remember simple things like your car keys!

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Eat Good Food

Studies have shown that memory problems can be tackled with the help of certain memory enhancing foods. These include high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and low-glycemic carbs like oatmeal. The Memory Prescription says that foods such as legumes, nuts and fish work well and one should go low on meat since it has omega-6 fatty acids that contribute to the brain’s inflammation which is a possible underlying mechanism for Alzheimer’s.

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A New Skill

A Swedish study has shown that adults who have learned a new language has shown improved memory when it comes to learning people’s names especially. Activities such as knitting, skiing and so on will have a great effect on the memory. Try and learn something new and you could bring about a positive effect on your memory.

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Turn Off the Music

Music is often a much sought after thing when it comes to most people. People tend to study with their playlist on and this is wrong. If you want to improve your memory when it comes to matters of studies then you should put off your music. Researchers have found that by listening to anything noisy which includes music while studying can distract you.

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Hit the Gym

Researchers at the University of California have found that exercises can have a good effect on your brain. Just 20 minutes of brisk walking in a day can have an impact so you can very well imagine what effect hitting the gym would have on your brain. Experts promise that this would juice up your memory for sure.

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