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How to Flirt With a Girl on Phone

Flirting right over the phone is the key to get a girlfriend. Whether you are calling a random person or talking to the girl after your first date, follow these tips.

Snr By Ariba KhaliqJan 02, 2014

Flirting is an Art

Have you tried acting fresh with a girl over the phone and she hung up? It wouldn’t even give you the chance to take her out on first date. If you want to know how to flirt on phone like a pro, you've got to learn the signs. This guide is for guys out there who want to flirt the right way on the phone.

Deepen Your Voice

Chuck out that squeaky voice and say hello confidently. Greet her like you are meeting her in person. Your voice should be deep so that she can hear every word clearly. It is no secret that girls like baritone voice. When talking on the phone, don’t yell, shout, and talk too fast or too slow. As long as your voice soothes her nerves, she will never want to disconnect the line.

Please Her

Of course, women love to be flattered. Compliment her voice, dressing sense, and hairstyle. But beware, sometimes these good gestures can put you in a tricky situation where your girl might ask you ‘Which actress do you find the sexiest?’ or ‘Do you think so-and-so is beautiful?’ Breathe and relax. Be honest, avoid cheesy answers. Tell her you have a thing for genuine beauty and she is one of them.

Smile on the Phone

Yes, she can’t see you smiling over the phone, but smiling while talking while actually give warm tones to your voice. Don’t believe us? Try this- record your voice. Compare the way you sound while you are smiling and while you are frowning. This slight difference will make or break the way you flirt on the phone.

Call Out Her Name

The best way to get her attention over the phone is to call her by name every now and them. She will feel special and the conversation will become deeply personalised.  This will also fulfil the need to look into each other’s eyes while talking.

Be Yourself

However clichéd this trick must become, its importance doesn’t deplete. If you're pretending to be someone or somewhere that you're not, you're likely to sound tight and uncomfortable. Be who you are and talk comfortably to the girl. You will enjoy it.

Listen to Her

Only Johnny Bravo can pull off- “Okay, enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?” Never do it in real life. Flirting on phone or in person is not just about you. You have to hear what the girl has to say. Listening gets you so far. If she notices you're listening while she talks, she will be interested in talking more.

Talk Light

Do not tell her that your puppy got hit by a train and expect sympathy in return. While you are flirting, talk about light and fun things. You'll get a way better response if you chat about fun, happy stuff like how your new puppy likes to play.

Talk Clean

Don’t talk dirty while you are mashing over the phone- it will freak her out and you will look like a creep from a weirdoland. However, you can tease her once a while. Can’t think of a line? Try this- “I wonder if are twirling your hair with your fingers right now. I love it when you do that”. This is a simple trick enough to make her think about you for the week.

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