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How to Flirt:10 Tips for Flirting Success

Flirting is more than a skill. It takes more than words and looks to be successful with the one of you have a crush on.

Snr By Himanshu Sharma / May 06, 2014

The Key to Successful Flirting

You might think that just having a flirty talk with your crush does the trick, but trust us it is not enough; there is more to it. It takes more than words and looks to be successful with the one of you have a crush on. What is that you need to make the sparks fly? (Image source:Getty)

Eye contact

It is with a prolonged eye contact, you tell them about your interest in them. This is more than a quick glance; it is holding the gaze and looking away. You just have to make sure that he/she notices you looking at him/her. But, don’t make them uncomfortable by staring. (Image source:Getty)

Drive them to comfort zone

If you think the one you have a crush on feels uncomfortable near you, drive them to the comfort zone. Make attempts to get to know them and assure that you know them well. (Image source:Getty)

Smile and Laugh

An easy way to show your pursuit to your crush is through a smile. A fake laugh is opposite; it suggests that you are insincere. Just maintain an easy smile to show you enjoy their company. (Image source:Getty)

Be a good listener

When you listen more than you talk, you not only learn more about the one you are falling for but you also tell them that they have your undivided attention. Listening to what they like, dislike and other things will give you an idea of the kind of a person they are. (Image source:Getty)


There is nothing more pleasing than a sincere compliment. Find something you like about them and tell them about it in a non-leering fashion. (Image source:Getty)

Get close but not too close

If you lean towards a crush to show interest, it is a part of flirting. But it will be taken wrongly if you do it too often or do it when they get uncomfortable. Keep your hands to yourself! Know your space; intimate space is a no-go zone. (Image source:Getty)

Choose your words wisely

It is not that you shouldn’t open up, but choosing your words carefully is a must. There are words that will help you impress them, similarly there are ones that can backfire. (Image source:Getty)

Be humorous

A shared sense of humour is appreciated. Men certainly like women who laugh at their jokes, and vice-versa. Being humorous could be your best weapon. (Image source:Getty)

Keep them wondering

A little teasing here and there will work wonders to impress the one you are attracted to. Take chance with subtle things that will keep them wondering and leave them wanting to find out more. (Image source:Getty)

Talk about exciting and adventures

Most of us love adventures and exciting activities. You can steer the conversation that you are associated with adventures or project an exciting lifestyle that you live. Don’t brag unnecessarily. (Image source:Getty)


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