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Don’t Let Heights Trouble you Anymore:Fight your Fear with these Techniques

Fear of heights can be a nightmare for many people who experience troubles in their daily life caused by this disorder. Fight your phobia with these simple tricks.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Jul 02, 2014

Fight the Fear

Fear of heights, also known as acrophobia, can affect your life by hindering daily activities at work or school. Almost 5 per cent of the general population is affected by the disorder which interferes with their personal as well as professional life. Overcome your fear with the following measures.

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Know Things which Trigger the Fear of Heights

The best way to solve a problem is to know it thoroughly. Know the activities which trigger the fear. For example: some people can feel the fear of heights by just imagining tall buildings or roller coaster rides. Thinking about these things can give a person jitters. Avoid thinking about such things to let your life move on smoothly.

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Use Logic Everywhere

If your fear of heights is at a minor level, you can apply logic to overcome it. If you are afraid of airplanes, skyscrapers or roller coasters you can apply logic and convince yourself that these places are extremely safe.

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Relax Yourself

If you want to confront your fear, start taking deep breaths as soon as the fear starts taking over your mind. Calm yourself down forcefully for which you may also have to sip down a couple of water glasses.

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Face your Fear

The best remedy to overcome fear is to face it. Start of gradually and spend some time reading or writing on the second floor of your building. Once you are comfortable, keep reaching for the next floor till you reach the tallest place on the building.

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Consult a Therapist

Seeking help from a therapist can be a good option. The therapy sessions can help you release anxiety and fight your fear eventually.

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Learn Anxiety Control Techniques

When you are visiting your therapist, one thing which you must always do is make a note of all the anxiety control options available for you.

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Never Skip your Homework

To set you free from your fear of heights, your therapist may ask you to do some homework. If you wish to bid adieu to your fear forever never skip your homework.

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Be Open

No matter how senseless your fear may seem to you, you must always tell your doctor about it. Never feel ashamed of your disorder.

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Eliminate Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks can be a trigger for your disorder. Eliminate caffeine from your diet completely to reduce the effect of acrophobia.

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Improve Sleeping Habits

Your sleeping time should not be more or less than 8 hours at night. Sleep in the correct posture to have a sound sleep.

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